Amazing Fact #3452

Wow, it turns out that Jono is queue in Finnish. This amazing fact comes from Lars Wirzenius.

I feel a strange sense of pride with this. Queuing is something us Brits do very well. For the Finnish to recognise this, is an honor. Kind of.

Keep your comments about ‘crack pipes’ to yourselves, unbelievers. :)

  • Bedroom

    Except that it’s pronounced «yono» in Finnish.

  • lex

    Hmm… if you’re a brit, isn’t ‘honor’ spelt honour? :)

  • Javier

    And Jono sounds in Spanish like ‘I don’t’ or ‘I am not’. Examples:

    Yo no quiero comer: I don’t want to eat Yo no soy ugly: I am not ugly

    This ‘Yo no’ part sounds like Jono.

  • Javier

    In the last comment, I wanted to say:

    Yo no quiero comer: I don’t want to eat

    Yo no soy feo: I am not ugly

  • Kiwi

    Heh. I’m glad this fact came to you finally. I already told you this in February 21st of 2006. See your own blog and comment number 3. in:

    It seems you haven’t been paying attention! :mrgreen:

  • Kalle Vahlman

    I’m finnish.

    I know ‘jono’ means a queue.

    I still think you are smoking it.


  • yoplait

    Aha, and “queue” in French means “dick”.

    This cannot be a coincidence.

  • :evil:


  • sebas

    Indeed, I love England for the queueing alone. Just returned from Greece where it’s apparently a fine art to stand like a Phalanx in front of metro doors. The Dutch aren’t any better.

    So much for stereotypes, I’m going to not take a shower now. 😉