Get in. Two awesome bands coming to Birmingham, on two respective Mondays:

  • Divine Heresyyoutube vid – ex-Fear Factory guitarist and lover of pies, Dino Cazares formed this effort with ex-Vital Remains drummer Tim Yeung. Pretty good, a bit Killswitch Engage-y in areas, but much heavier.
  • Job For a Cowboy – youtube vids: 1 2 – although they sound like a Country and Western band, they are about as polar-opposite as you can imagine – an incredible technical death metal band. They are also playing with the excellent Black Dahlia Murder, and The Red Chord, who I have not heard.

Cracking stuff. Gonna be a couple of good gigs. :)

  • dave foster

    I really haven’t gotten into The Red Chord’s latest offering, but “Fused Together in Revolving Doors” is AWESOME. I saw them last year with Gwar (haha) and I was rather into it.

  • Floorthemind

    That “Job for a cowboy” shit is disgusting and gave me a headache. That is three minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    What a bunch of ridiculous noise. To think that you would pay for listening to this. Jesus!

  • Alex Launi

    Job for a Cowboy and Black Dahlia Murder are both amazing live. I saw Job this summer and have seen Black Dahlia a few times. Have fun. I wish I had known you were into metal when we chatted at Ubuntu Live, we probably could have had a lot to talk about. I was listening to a lot of Amon Amarth during that conference.

  • Michael Erskine

    In the words of Nathan Explosion, “Metal!” 😈

  • kingkarlos

    God Jono! I just taken out the jealousy award!

  • Dave B

    Hey Jono,

    You might like to check out 50ft Panda ( – heavy riffage and amazing drumming!

    We played on the same bill last night and they were awesome.

  • Götz Waschk

    I was at the The Black Dahlia Murder/Job For A Cowboy/The Red Chord show yesterday. it was really good, TBDM get better and better every time (and fatter as well). But the crowd action was a bit too much for an old guy like me, they were just hurting each other.