No Email. Annoyed.

Quick note – email to is not working. I am annoyed, very annoyed and just screamed in annoyance and had the neighbours knock on my door to ask if everything was alright.

Now, thats annoyed for you.

ZoneEdit, you suck.

Send mail to jono AT ubuntu DOT com instead.

  • matthew

    I feel you. Mine went down two days ago. Thankfully, after a couple of quick emails were exchanged with my hosting provider, things were put back up quickly. I hope yours is remedied as quickly as mine.

  • Sean

    I highly recommend: Free Google Apps for your Domain w/ DNS. All accounts are accessible through Gmail or through Imap/Pop of your favorite browser.

  • Wolfger

    So on the neighbors-knocking-at-your-door scale, how annoyed are you? Apartment-next-door annoyed? House-next-door annoyed? House-down-the-block annoyed? 😈

  • jono

    Wolfger – heh, house next door annoyed – they heard me through the walls. They looked genuinely concerned, poor people. :)

  • Mack

    As long as they don’t call the police, they’re not really that annoyed.

  • yeti

    just blame the lazy sys-admins, its always their fault :roll:

    yeti, lazy sys-admin