Damn, and more damn

Well, so much for hey Jono, all you need to do is open up your laptop and check if the keyboard ribbon cable has unseated – I did that tonight, in a fit of bravery, and now it won’t turn on again.

Guess I will need that new laptop after all. Dammit.

  • jorge

    Ah, following advice from a random blog comment. Tsk tsk. Lesson learned. :)

  • http://linux.dell.com/ Matt Domsch

    May I shamelessly recommend the Dell XPS M1330 ? :smile: It runs Ubuntu quite well.

  • IM.Tehk

    Hey Jono, all you need to do is open up your laptop and check if the keyboard ribbon cable and the power button’s ribbon cable is plugged in.

  • http://www.ryanprior.com Ryan

    Make sure you try out the damn with a side of damn. It’s darn delicious.

    Make sure you check out ZaReason while you’re shopping for a new laptop. Their philosophy (“If you can’t open it, you don’t own it”) leads to software and hardware freedom that is truly priceless. (And if they don’t have quite the specs you want, give them an email and ask them to modify the build slightly for you.)

  • http://www.joeterranova.net Joe Terranova

    Just a guess, but unless you know you break something, it could just be a grounding issue. You might want to just take it apart and put it back together again.

  • http://jeremy.visser.name/ Jeremy

    Hmm, did you remember to put the battery back in afterwards? (Just joking. ;))

  • mattj

    Is the power on:wink: Try taking apart again, look for any connections that you removed, and make sure they are fully in, some laptops can be very fickle.

  • http://jonathancarter.co.za Jonathan

    Please Jono, don’t buy a Sony again. They are low quality and overpriced, and Sony has spread misery in the industry for decades now, trying to force their proprietary technologies on the masses. I hear their even planning to compete with the upcoming bluetooth/w-usb standards. Don’t support them!

  • Nelson

    Ha Ha! :roll:

  • http://www.emmajane.net emmajane

    +1 for taking it apart and putting it back together. Again. What’s the worst that could happen? You wake up your neighbours in a fit of rage; it doesn’t work and you get some fodder for a new promotional LugRadio video; or perhaps it might start working again (which is probably the worst option out of the lot).

  • http://www.mgfletcher.com/blog Michael

    Hey Jono, bad luck! Check out system76 laptops

  • http://blog.adamsweet.org/ Adam Sweet

    /me rolls eyes

    Sorry that was me (amongst others). I did assume you might be able to do it without making anything else stop working.

    Forget fixing that light fitting in your house, call an electrician.

    Sorry about the laptop dude. Get a USB enclosure or something so you can get your data off, or while it doesn’t work at all, you have nothing to lose by trying to fix it again.

  • http://noraisin.net/~jan/ Jan Schmidt

    If you don’t want the broken hardware, can I have it? (sans hard-disk, of course) :)

  • http://maxolasersquad.com/ Maxo

    I was the first to suggest it. I’m not sure if I should apologise, or blame the victim…… Maybe you could submit your own promotional content for the Eee PC contest and then use Bush like tactics to get rid of anyone who doesn’t think it’s the winning entry, and viola, a great new laptop.

  • Sirrus

    Get yourself an Apple MacBook. The prices are really reasonable and personally I think it’s the best bang for your bucks. The upper-class white sells for 829 pounds, and the ialmost dentical (160 GB compared to 120 GB) black version for 949.

    If you ever want to do any upgrades, you can easily remove the harddrive and ram, so you don’t have to spend loads of money with Apple upgrading the laptop on purchase from their store.