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First LugRadio Live USA 2008 Exhibitors Confirmed!

Organisation for LugRadio Live USA 2008 on the 12th and 13th April 2008 in San Francisco coninues apace, and we are in the process of confirming exhibitors. Our first raft of exhibitors have just been confirmed, and I can announce them as: Google Dice GNOME PostgreSQL O’Reilly OpenSuSE Linden Labs Magnatune gOS Neuros Sun Texas […]

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Diggity Digg Da Digg Digg Diggity Digg! One of the toughest challenges when building a Linux distribution is trying to ensure we are solving the problems and feature-gaps that are affecting our users – we genuinely want to make Ubuntu rock for everyone. In terms of problems, specifically defects, people can report bugs, but in […]

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Installfest for schools in the USA

Just wanted to plug a rather cool looking installfest for schools that is using Ubuntu on recycled computers and organised by the Untangle folks. They are performing a bunch of installs over a number of locations including San Francisco, Berkeley, San Mateo and Novato. It is happening this Saturday – 1st March 2008. Check out […]

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The 5-A-Day Love In…Applet Style

You know what, it stuns me just what is possible when we all link arms and step forward together. About a week ago 5-A-Day was launched, and it is kicking some rather serious arse (now…is that seriously kicking arse or kicking an arse that is serious – what would be the form of a serious […]

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Earthquake Terror

Last night I was in an earthquake. I was laid in bed reading my book and suddenly the room started shaking, everything rattling and my bed shaking from side to side. It lasted about 3 seconds but was quite freaky. Which exotic location was this? …Wolverhampton. No tell of a lie. An emergency fund has […]

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LugRadio Birthday Drinks

Just a quick note – the chaps on the show (Aq, Adam and Chris) and I are heading out with ex-presenters Matthew Revell and Ade Bradshaw for a few celebratory birthday drinks this Friday (29th Feb). Everyone is welcome. We will meet at 8pm at The Varsity in central Wolverhampton (address is Stafford Street, Wolverhampton, […]

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LugRadio – Four Years Old Today

DIGG! Well, today LugRadio turns 4. Quite a roller-coaster it has been too. Just over four years ago, in the far corner of The Moon Under Water pub in Wolverhampton, we hatched the idea of LugRadio. For a while I had been thinking of doing on online radio show about Open Source, and when Matt […]

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Season 5 Episode 12

Can’t see the vid, click here LugRadio Season 5 Episode 12 is out. It features a royal Chris kicking, discussion of Open Source celebrity, results of the Pimp My LugRadio competition (of which the above video is one entry), a brand new competition, discussion of LugRadio Live USA 2008 which of course has registration open. […]

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February 2008 Ubuntu Report

I am pleased to announce that the February 2008 Ubuntu community report is out! As well as a range of general Ubuntu team reports, this report is pumped with a stack of LoCo Team reports too! Thanks for all teams who contributed. If your team is not contributing to the monthly reports, see this page […]

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Open Music Required

At LugRadio Live in the UK, we traditionally play a lot of rock music in-between talks – it keeps the atmosphere loose and fun. With LugRadio Live USA 2008 on the horizon, and well aware of the dictatorship that is the RIAA, I am keen to find a collection of good rock and metal that […]

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