Feast For The Senses

Behemoth fans

This weekend, I experienced two feasts for the eyes and ears:

  • Cloverfield – recently released, hyped-up Internet sensation Cloverfield, passed me by until I heard about it on TV a few nights back – I completely missed the so-called Internet marketing machine around it, but it looked interesting – a monster movie shot from the perspective of someone with a portable video camera. I really love atmospheric experiences, from video games such as Doom III, to rides at theme parks, to movies that take the Hollywood away and make it feel real – each of these takes you there. Cloverfield is an excellent, excellent film, and as a bit of a horror veteran, it made me jump out of my skin a few times and feel the intensity of the on-screen events. Well worth seeing, go and check it out. :)
  • Behemoth and Suicide Silence – very keen to see Behemoth, Steve (guitarist in Seraphidian) and I were also stoked to hear that Kataklysm were supporting, and then even more stoked to here in the queue that Aborted may have been supporting. Well, it turns out that neither Kataklysm or Aborted were there, but we were there for Behemoth, and that was enough for us. Suicide Silence were a good support, pig-squealing death-metal vocals, Black Dahlia-esque guitars and thumping drums. Like many bands of that ilk, they good pretty samey pretty quick, but they were dynamic and I will check out some of their stuff. Behemoth then took to the stage. Despite being labelled a blacked death metal band, which insinuates a strong black metal influence (for the record, I am no fan of recorded in a metal bin, take-ourselves-too-seriously, black metal), I have always thought of them as a solid death metal band. They appeared on stage in their trademark outfits and white face paint, and proceeded to kick the living daylights out of every ear in the joint. Behemoth are not only a musically tight, cohesive unit, but they put in a real performance, geeing the crowd up with all manner of circle pits, crowd interaction and what-not. Coming from Poland, they have many bands of the same ilk to stand up to, but Behemoth have long been reputed as leaders in their genre, and they did not disappoint. One of the key attractions for me was watching their drummer, Inferno, doing his thing. While they sound-checked, we were treated to 10 minutes or so of Inferno warming up, and it was breathtaking. He is a stunning, stunning drummer, and if I could play to a fraction of his ability I would be delighted. One such example is Slaves Shall Serve that weighs in at 280BPM in parts – he pulls it off effortlessly; certainly one of the most proficient death metal drummers currently playing.

A good time was had by all. Bring it on. :)

  • http://www.aegir.bur.st Richard Eldred

    Ahh, but Black Metal’ists over-the top antics are what make it all the more amusing! Not to mention the cries of outrage you can get from any trve, kvlt black metalist when you alternate from Darkthrone and the like to Radiohead and Sigur Ros in the space of a couple of tracks.

    Actually, it’s my opinion that taking ones self too seriously is a flaw too many musicians have regardless of genre.

    Glad to hear Behemoth were good. I was considering going to see them when they came down under a few months back, only thing that held me back was that I only had other peoples opinion of them to go by, as they aren’t a band I’ve listened to a terribly large amount of. That and I’m poor.

  • http://www.soulsphere.org/ fraggle

    I hadn’t heard of Cloverfield before but now I have. Thanks, Internet marketing machine!

  • Phil O’Stein

    Cloverfield is far from excellent. You just want them all to die after the first fifteen minutes, before anything’s even started getting blown up.

  • Zexy

    How soon people seem to forget what hype can do for most like a lame movie. No, I haven’t seen Cloverfield and I probably will not see it until the DVD comes out and the price drops to sub-$9.00. Why? Because I’ve seen the hype and it looks much like the same hype that surrounded another movie that I did go see and was sorely disappointed…Blair Witch Project. Anybody remember it? It was IMHO terrible to say the least, relying on so many cliches to get the user to the end of the movie. Ah well, I’m sure the Cloverfield marketing engine will make it a success but I’ll save my sheckles thank you very much. 😕 just my 2cents

  • Götz Waschk

    I’ve seen Behemoth twice, very good band, I like the precise, machine-like drumming as well.