Metal On Demand

You know what, I try to be good to you, faithful readers. Knowing that you all share a deep and meaningful love of metal (humor me, please), I know that you want easy access to some good music. So, if you look in the sidebar of, you will now see a little media player which plays my radio station.

I use the excellent Banshee as my media player, and the name of each song I listen to gets sent to, and this generates my profile. From what I can tell, looks at this list and generates a radio station – as such, this radio station is full of the kind of music I listen to, which is, naturally, a good thing for man, woman, dog and cat-kind across the world. 😛

  • Jesse Jarzynka

    Isn’t An Ocean Between Us incredible? I thought AILD got a little stale with Shadows but the new album was my favorite metal album of last year. They definitely took some guitar lessons since Frail Worlds Collapse!

  • pinky

    nice, but the radio station doesn’t work for me (firefox+gnash). Can i also tune into the radio station with a stand alone client or does it only works through the webpage?

  • jono

    pinky – some clients support it, like Rhythmbox. :)

  • alfermp

    Great music Jono 😈

  • slayerboy is amazing. At work, for right now at least, I use PandoraFM, which puts all the awesomeness of Pandora and scrobbles to Last.FM. At home I use RhythmBox and scrobble what I’m listening to from there. Haven’t figured out how to scrobble from my Creative Zen, but that’s another topic for another day LOL.