Keynote streamed live today

Late breaking news – it turns out that my keynote at SCALE today will be streamed live over the Internet. You can access it by clicking here – it kicks off at 9.55am Los Angeles time on the 9th Feb 2008. That is today. :)

Here is an embedded video window for the talk:

Tune in to watch Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Coming Of The Linux Desktop. :)

UPDATE: Fixed the link, thanks Marco. UPDATE 2: Added a streaming video window to this entry.

  • Marco
  • sno

    thanks for the link, great watch apart from the intermittent streaming problems, it was nice to be able to watch.

  • mrben

    Hmmm – shame we couldn’t have been prewarned about this :( Oh well – hope it went well; I’ll watch it in retrospect.

  • Seth

    Very awesome presentation…. Would love to catch it in real life some time. 😈

  • Dylan McCall

    Is there a downloadable version of this anywhere? I wasn’t able to watch it live, and Ustream’s weird player says “Off air” now, which I suppose is telling me that they have not invented time travel.

  • Ed Clark

    Is Jokosher dead?

  • Matthias Urlichs

    Ditto the request for a downloadable version!

  • Dylan McCall

    Jono has done his Google Tech Talk, which is now available.

    Yay! :)