Open DRM-free Music Store

Big, big kudos to for opening their DRM free music store. I have not bought any music from them yet, but have bought bags of DVDs, games and albums from them. Great to see them getting in on the digital downloads game, and great to see DRM not used. All in all, I am pretty happy, and they have a nice meaty metal collection too. :)

  • John

    Yay a DRM free site :smile:

  • Tor Lillqvist

    Too bad it’s for UK residents only, though. (But at least some of the same music is available DRM-free from iTunes Music Store, too, at the same price, more or less. And there’s always, where everything is DRM-free.)

  • Jussi Kukkonen

    Looks nice, except for this:

    At present, we are only able to offer PlayDigital music for purchase to customers with a UK billing address.

    That makes sense. How else could they mail me the bits?

  • Landon

    I was so excited then so completely disappointed to find that it’s not available for the USA. :(

  • jono

    Yeah it is a shame that it is regional, but y’know, I live in the UK, so I am happy – the key thing is that it is another no-to-DRM store opening, which is always a good thing. :)