Lost In TV-land

Last week while in the US, I did an interview with my good friend Barton George from Sun, for the Sun Developer Network – in it we talk Ubuntu, packaging, LugRadio, the vocal minority and more. It was a heck of a lot of fun to do, and Barton is always enjoyable to be around.

What stunned me was the facility they have there – it is a pretty large TV studio, complete with all the huge cameras, lighting rig and editing suite you would expect. It was a lot bigger and more professional than my last TV appearance, which was a small room with a few small cameras dotted around. I also had to wear make up. That was a little odd. I was tempted to throw my toys out the pram and demand the director to see me in my trailer, but I decided against it on the grounds of professionalism. :P

The video should be online soon, I am curious to see how it went. :)

  • http://daniel.holba.ch/blog Daniel Holbach

    snort First I have to buy stuff with you in a sex shop, then you wear makeup – are your metal days over? ;-)

    Will be great to see the video. Be sure to post the link.