Open Music Required

At LugRadio Live in the UK, we traditionally play a lot of rock music in-between talks – it keeps the atmosphere loose and fun. With LugRadio Live USA 2008 on the horizon, and well aware of the dictatorship that is the RIAA, I am keen to find a collection of good rock and metal that is suitable for legal public performance at LugRadio Live USA 2008. As such, musicians, I am looking for your help here – please add a comment on this blog entry pointing to bands and music that produce music licensed that will allow us to publicly play it at the event.

The kind of music we are looking for is good-time party rock and roll, like AC/DC, Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine etc, but also heavier music and metal is very welcome too. Get those suggestions in – this is an excellent way to get your music played at one of the premier Open Source events in the USA. :)

Oh, and don’t forget registration for LugRadio Live USA 2008 is open!

  • garwaymatt 😉 Brad sucks, hype, and Ally valentine are pretty good, But there is a large variety, some better than others.

  • Mark Brown

    There’s 50 Foot Wave’s Free Music EP –

  • Henrik Pauli
  • TheGZeus He has a backcatalogue that’s a mixture of the comedic things up there (check out Internet Superhero, BTW) and more serious rock stuff. The Self Parody album was successful enough (artistically) for him to spin it off, demoed at Music videos:

    Phsychedelia/insanity under a CC License: There should be an Internet Archives link, his library grows there and in general constantly.

    Utter stupidity under a CC License(we’ve not decided which, most likely Attribution Share-Alike, unsure of Non-Commercial…) here: Huge back catalogue, all stupid, often awesome, all safe to play/replay. I can mail you a few DVDs with most of this. I’d link you to the discography, of our “label”(artist collective) but it’s outdated and apparently still hosted on Angelfire(???) so… nah. if you’re interested, GZeus[notspace]mants[OBVIOUS SYMBOL]gmail[OBVIOUS]

  • miscz

    Another vote for Machinae Supremacy. Those guys seriously rock and are quite geeky too, they use SidStation synth for C64-like sound :)

  • mrben

    Machinae Supremacy are good. I’m sure resiak will let you use the ‘Who is Elmo Blatch’ album ( Jamendo does have some good stuff if you’re willing to search a bit.

    Why not ask the Magnatune guy to donate some?

  • Josef Assad

    Still waiting for someone to sit up and demand open literature…

  • Shreyas

    Hey Jono,

    I run a site which showcases called RadioVeRVe ( all the Independent music in India. Give it a try and see if you like something. On the top of my head here are a few artists from India who you might like, Phenom ( and Thermal and a Quarter (

  • Niadh

    All:My:Faults kinda not quite metal, more alternative, but under CC license I believe.

  • cit
  • Avuton Olrich (any but the demo tape and orgamilk, not because they’re bad but they’re not suitable.)

  • Dave Morley

    Jono isn’t one of the speakers the guy from magnatunes !!!!!!!!!!!! Why not ask Him ?

  • jono

    Dave – I have, and the CC chap, just wanted to post her too. :)

  • metalurgia

    Why should your sucky musical taste dictate what gets heard at the LUG radio event?


    Give me classical, folk, rock and roll, grunge.

    Metal, grow out of the 80s dude.

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  • Henning

    I know there is a cool metal version of the free software song 😉 We used to play it at fairs to get more attention than the BSD people.

  • Flavio
  • Anonymous

    For some good instrumental music, you might consider asking the Minibosses if they’d allow use of some of their music.

  • spyder613235

    This is a metal band from chicago with a strong musical structure as well as melodic chorus’s. This appeals to the most underground heavy metal fan as well as the mainstream rock fans. check it out!!!

    Earning Respect One Person At A Time…

  • spyder613235

    Society’s Own!!!!

  • Ro(cc)k music wanted – Creative Commons

    […] Add a comment at Jono Bacon’s blog with your suggestions. […]


    […] Add a comment at Jono Bacon’s blog with your suggestions. […]

  • Falk
    All:My:Faults…but under CC license I believe.

    You’re right that A:M:F is under CC 😉 If you want more you can take a look at my new netlabel: :)

  • sil

    Nine Inch Nails’ new album is CC licenced (!):

    Not sure about the Non-Commercial requirement if we’re playing it at LRL. We’re not getting money for the music at all, but it’s being played at a commercial event. If we want this music, I’l work out the legal ramifications; let me know if you think it’s right.

  • music

    may be i mistake

  • okyb

    I’m sure resiak will let you use the ‘Who is Elmo Blatch’ album

  • LC

    I have some tunes of my own self recorded at Icon studios ( ) but its mine so if your interested I’ll be happy to send you the mp3s. Liran

  • Pryde

    We have lots of varied tracks for you to explore. Please take a listen.

    Best Regards. Pryde

  • משקפי ראייה

    Is there a way i can listen to this station online?

  • Brisbane Internet Consultant

    I must say you have excellent tastes in music. Good luck with the music. I’m sure it will go well.

  • Musician Finder

    There are tons of musician at that might be interested in this.

  • Australian Web Directory

    Musician Forest huh? Thanks for the tip. I guess they cover all genres?

  • Stevie Mann

    We have some open source rock songs that we use for promotions, which you are very welcome to use. Check us out at and let me know.


  • kipak

    Tervetuloa takaisin sosiaaliseen verkostoon! Tämä sivusto on esimerkki, miltä sinun sosiaalisen verkoston sivusto voi näyttää $ ?

  • Stacy

    You should check out Sarah Fauset. She is a really good musician. Here is her link

  • Frank Pollacco

    RIAA should really let you play some of their music. I don’t knwo why wouldn’t they

  • Frank Pollacco

    oh yeah! I love going around scamming in the GTA and my wife has no choice but to pretend she doesn’t exist… love them ladies… they never see what a fraud I am; I just get better at the lies and scams as time goes on… rock on!!!

  • alex

    save to my Bookmarks )

  • Penny

    There’s lots at

  • Greg Gatch

    Everytime i come back here I’m reminded why I added your site to my favourites:)

  • davi

    Well I dont really understand the term open-music….

  • ben cleal

    You can Check out some of our songs on our myspace page We just had one of our songs used in a Billabong surf video and we are also on the soundtrack for a movie coming out in the spring. If interested, you can contact me at Thanks, Ben

  • Mike

    There should be many swedish bands around. Just look in spotify…

  • au pair

    thx for your article