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One of the toughest challenges when building a Linux distribution is trying to ensure we are solving the problems and feature-gaps that are affecting our users – we genuinely want to make Ubuntu rock for everyone. In terms of problems, specifically defects, people can report bugs, but in terms of features, gathering a decent collection of features, assessing their popularity, and weeding out the crack is a tough process. It really is a devilishly difficult problem. It is however, a problem that we have been discussing across a few teams for a while, and I am pleased to see the fruits of these efforts online – :)

The concept is simple – you can go to the site and see a range of ideas that have been submitted by the community. These ideas have a couple of arrows on the left side of the idea in which you can vote to add your popularity or vote against the idea. This provides an excellent means of us assessing the popularity of ideas and which things are affecting people. Everyone is welcome to sign in and add ideas, and we encourage you to get involved and contribute to the site – this is going to be the primary method of sharing your ideas with the community and with the Ubuntu development community. There are already a bunch of stunning ideas on there, and I can’t wait to see what you all add. :) will be a primary resource in assessing what we should be discussing at each Ubuntu Developer Summit (the next one being in Prague). So, get along to and get involved! :)

  • n/a

    It would be nice if it were a little bit digg like. That is, all ‘popular’ suggestions, should go into a static list.

    An example would be that whenever a suggestion is over 100, it is added to the list.

    This way it is easy to see new ideas, without getting exposed to too much junk.

  • Alastair

    another great idea from my favourite distro 😀 hopefully it will ensure that not matter how big ubuntu gets, it still has the core ethos of helping its user base at its heart.

  • Denis

    Nice! But what’s up with the weird ‘a’ and ‘s’ in the logo. Can’t the fonts Ubuntu Title or Ubuntu Titling be used?

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  • shirish

    Hi Jono, Where can I change the password? Updating the profile doesn’t have it.

  • Karl Lattimer

    Put the wah wah pedal on the floor, and step away. SLOWLY… before things get out of control

  • Jonathan


    I keep getting page can not be displayed. something wierd cause i’m running IE7?

  • Jadd

    That’s great! I was thinking just yesterday and the day before that about one of the shortcomings of open source: features programmers want get developed much faster than features end users want. Hopefully this should bring the balance back. That and a willingness to program someone else’s idea.

  • Ross Peoples

    This is great. I have added a few blueprints to launchpad, but those hardly get read. This should help the devs get a better idea of what the community as a whole wants. As an end user, I can’t tell you how wonderful this is. THANK YOU!

  • Warbo

    Sounds good, this is a much requested thing :) suffers from being static, ie. it has to be manually scrubbed for duplicates, already/newly implemented ideas, etc. (I gave it a big restructuring a while back). Hopefully this dynamic system will make a lot of that work automatic, making the good/wanted ideas more prominant, good job :)

  • Veejay

    I was pleased to see this website being launched today. I voted like a madman and submitted a few ideas myself. The only problem I have with this whole thing is the voting process. See, I reckon that puttin the number of votes before the end of the process kind of biases the whole thing. Putting the most popular items on top as well. Indeed, it creates an unwanted “virtuous circle” for the first proposals, in particular if they are being plus’d fast, as they tend to attract more attention and thus more votes, and so on. A good workaround would be to display the number of votes once an idea reaches a certain threshold or something. Now I know voting processes is an old problem, but I can’t help but feel that it is going to skew the results off. Anywho, bang up job you guys, it still feels nice to see that you DO care about your users (even though I didn’t have any doubt about that to begin with). ROCK ON UBUNTAINERS!!!!

  • Martijn

    So.. any reason for it to not accept my launchpad login?

  • K. Ralho

    i want to login with launchpad

  • Orrin

    I believe the correct term is “brown chicken brown cow” (see post title).