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Wine Tasting Approach To Death Metal

It is fairly well known to readers of this blog that I like metal. This is no surprise. And it is fairly well known that many people think metal is just a noise; a collection of angry individuals coming together with more of an emphasis on volume than artform. Of course, this is crap. Although […]

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We announced 5-A-Day and got it Dugg pretty well. The number of members in the Launchpad Team doubled and it seems lots of bug work is going on as part of the scheme. If you have no idea what I am talking about, or are not involved yet – go and read this page. And […]

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Announcing 5-A-Day

DIGG THIS AND SPREAD THE WORD! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Dick and Dom(1), I am pleased to announce a brand new initiative in the Ubuntu community that we have been working on for a little while, and one that has been alluded to by some members of our incredible community. It is of […]

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Support Him

Can’t see it? Click here.

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The Intrepid Ibex; Bring It On

Well, it is announced. Mark delivered the news: With Hardy now past feature-freeze it’s time to start to plan features that are being lined up for inclusion after Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is released in April. And so I’d like to introduce you to the Intrepid Ibex, the release which is planned for October 2008, and […]

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More on the BBC meeting

A few people have been asking me for more details about my meeting with Ashley Highfield from the BBC. I figured I would elaborate a little more. The meeting took place in his office and we discussed a range of topics. George had a HP laptop for Ashley that he started a new install on, […]

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Five. 5. 5ive.

Trying to look fly. 5 (five) is a number, numeral, and glyph. It is the natural number following 4 and preceding 6. Five is between 4 and 6 and is the third prime number, after 2 and 3, and before 7. Because it can be written as 2^(2^1)+1, five is classified as a Fermat prime. […]

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LugRadio Live USA 2008 Registration Now Open!

PLEASE DIGG THIS STORY BY CLICKING HERE Registration for LugRadio Live USA 2008 is now open at, and tickets for the two-day spectacular cost only $10 for the full weekend, including full access to all talks, the exhibition, evening events, and a free bag o’swag for visitors. Pre-registrations also enjoy additional benefits at the […]

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Meeting with Ashley Highfield at the BBC

Today I had a meeting with Ashley Highfield; Director of Future Media & Technology at the BBC. The meeting had been scheduled so we could talk about Ubuntu, discuss Open Source and discuss the BBC. It was an excellent, productive session, and we discussed a range of issues, including Ubuntu, Open Source, the Open Source […]

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Ubuntu Developer Week begins!

Today marks the beginning of…wait for it…Ubuntu Developer Week! The week is crammed full of incredible sessions, covering many aspects of Ubuntu development – it provides an excellent opportunity to get involved. The action takes place from 4pm UTC each day in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat on Freenode, and the schedule is here. Bring it on! […]

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