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Rambling Brit in TV Shocker!

A few months back I did an interview with the Sun Developer Channel and it was released today. The interview covers Ubuntu, MOTU, community building, developer communities, extremists, LugRadio, LugRadio Live USA 2008 and more: Can’t see it? Click here! You know what, I have done interviews before, but in this one I found it […]

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KVery KCool

Wow, looking at this just goes to show the incredible work the KDE team have done with KDE 4.x. Free software in action. Stunning.

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LugRadio Live USA 2008 Flyer – spread the word

I was asked to knock up a quick flyer for LugRadio Live USA 2008 with details of the event. This flier is scaled to US letter size, and I would love to encourage anyone who wants to do a good deed, to take this flyer, print it out and go and hand it out to […]

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LugRadio Live USA 2008 Gong-a-thong Host Announced!

Just when you thought that LugRadio Live USA 2008 could not rock any more, with 35+ speakers and 40+ exhibitors, well….we have confirmed a key part of the show – who, is going to be presenting the legendary, and now world-famous Gong-a-thong Lightbulb Talk Extravaganza. For those not clued into this, the Gong-a-thong Lightbulb Talk […]

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Coundown To Cool

I have a few exciting Ubuntu related things to talk about in this post, so, without further ado…on with the good stuff. Mmmmm…. Hardy Countdown Like with the last release, we have produced a rather cool countdown doobry that you can put on your website that counts down each day to the glorious day of […]

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Hardy Beta: Ooh La La

For a while now I have been running hardy in VMWare and on my secondary laptop, and I generally migrate my main work machine to a new Ubuntu when the beta comes out. An Ubuntu beta is a great opportunity to really test Ubuntu and ensure it is as bug free as possible, so go […]

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LugRadio Live USA 2008: Oh yes.

There has been a lot of talk about LugRadio Live USA 2008 on this blog and elsewhere, and I just wanted to write a single post that summarise everything that is on offer right now as the event of the year. Yes, it is indeed the event of the year, as voted by the LugRadio […]

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If you meet these people from Google: Leslie Hawthorn Cat Allman Kynan Go up to them and hug them. Seriously. They rock, big time. They are helping make LugRadio Live USA 2008 happen in San Francisco on the 12th and 13th April. They have been a huge help, and are doing a stunning, stunning job. […]

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Rock and roll. These guys are awesome, and this album is awesome. Sure, it is incredibly influenced by AC/DC and bits of Free, but has a real Slash’s Snakepit feel and a bit of Mötley Crüe thrown in there too. Good time rock and roll done right. Airbourne’s MySpace page

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You got more rabbit than sainsburys…

(bonus points for those of you who know where the title of this post comes from) I am really pleased to see that the Peach team (who are producing an animated movie using entirely Open Source tools, specifically Blender, and licensing all the content under a free license) have released their first official trailer of […]

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