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Before, I shared with you with this find of death metal comic mockery, and thanks must go to the people who mailed me about this nugget of perfection:

Death Metal Puppy – Watch more free videos Can’t see it? See the vid here.

My dogs…not like that. It appears my dogs are simply not metal enough. And the training begins…

If you spot any more amusing metal videos, send ’em in.

  • MattJones

    Ummm. It looks like the dog is having a seizure. Or has brain damage. Is this something to celebrate? Animal torture is not cool.

  • MattJones

    You should add a video of a cat being water-boarded. Or a parrot being sleep deprived. They love it too. 😈

  • jono

    MattJones – I don’t think this dog is being tortured – if I got a hint that it was, of course I wouldn’t post it, and I don’t like the incinuation that I would. Of course, if someone proves me different, I will take it down – but I would have thought that if a dog had a seizure it would not be standing on its hind legs. Also, I have seen perfectly healthy dogs do crazier shit than this too. Ever seen That’s Life?

  • King Karlos

    Absolute crackup. I had a pup that would do similar if I blew at his face. Maybe give that a go Jono. My pup could have just been objecting to the bad breath and threatening me though.

  • MattJones

    Jono – I’m not saying that posting this video was bad or wrong. I’m just concerned – after reading all the break.com comments that boiled down to “me think cool” – that no one is worried about the dog:

    Dog’s ears are very sensitive to load noises. Dogs commonly experience hearing damage from gunfire, airplane engines, and loud music. It is hard to tell just how load the music is in the video (assuming it is even considered load). Many dogs also experience internal organ damage from those extreme biting/pulling motions that dog was demonstrating. One of my Buddie’s dogs had to be put down after it experienced the tearing of an organ(sorry, don’t know the technical details) from simple fetch and throw playing. And I remember a similar incident that was posted on planet gnome about a year ago, about a dog that died from simple “hopping around”.

    Again, I’m not saying the post is bad. I just want people to think about potential consequences of what they are seeing. I probably should not have posted the stuff about torture, that was too sarcastic.

    That being said, cool video. I didn’t even know about break.com till now.

  • quidpro

    There’s no reason that it couldn’t be something the dog does when a treat, hand, toy, etc is dangled somewhere behind the camera’s view (maybe the camera itself causes this dog’s reaction)and the music was added afterward, or even if the music was playing in the background at the time, it doesn’t seem to be reacting to it, but rather something the owner is doing (dog never turns around)…to assume that the music actually makes a dog “rock out with it’s…teeth out” is just kinda naive, but probably the exact effect that is intended. Also the nature of compressed video adds a lot of psycho-blur-skipped-frames feel that adds to the overall manic seizure appearance. Still, a weird dog, whatever it is reacting to.

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