Langridge. Fail.

Interesting conversation yesterday:

  • Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge – “Yeah, its pretty wicked, y’know, because, I listen that site that streams Commodore 64 music, it is unbelievable greatness.
  • Jono – “Commodore 64 music! Can you hear yourself? You are the saddest human being I have ever met! You are Sad 2.0 gimp-a-lot prime.
  • Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge – “Yeah, because metal is soooo much better…yeah, lets live in 1985, muppet!
  • Jono – “
  • Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge – “
  • Jono – “1985?! Erm…Commodore…64…music!

Nice one there, ginger man. :)

  • Andrew Montgomery

    Now maybe you can both be happy 😀

  • jono

    Andrew – Wow! They are pretty good. :)

  • Daoro

    Yup, they are :) Plus C64 music (well, let’s extend that to 8bit music, bitpop, chiptunes, etc…) IS great 😉

    Not metal, more electro, but you could try Thermostatic and Welle:Erdball too

  • pel

    You should so do a cover of a 64 oldy yourself 😈

  • Frej Soya

    Stuart has a point, c64 music does have it’s crowd. There exists a Commodore 64 revival BAND called “Press play on tape” – Mainly with a rock style.

  • Martijn