Rock and roll. These guys are awesome, and this album is awesome. Sure, it is incredibly influenced by AC/DC and bits of Free, but has a real Slash’s Snakepit feel and a bit of Mötley Crüe thrown in there too. Good time rock and roll done right. :)

Airbourne’s MySpace page

  • mmmm

    Ahh, Airbourne, the band that every other respectable metal head I know are mocking because of how much a ripoff of AC/DC they are, meanwhile those doyens of cool “Classic Rock” magazine are pushing them hard…good to see you’ve still got your finger on the pulse there jono…

    “The only point at which Airbourne will be worth listening to is when all 150 million AC/DC albums (and the master tapes) have been destroyed and the Young brothers are dead.” – A rocker who’s played around 800 shows since 2000

  • jono

    mmmm – I don’t care about what other people think – I listened to their album and it sounds good to me. Sure, it sounds like AC/DC in parts, but I don’t care – all music is derivative of other music. :)

  • http://people.iola.dk/arj/ Anders Rune Jensen

    I like ’em. Good old rocking metal. If there was a band that would copy metallica master/ride era then I would be all over it, the closer to the style the better imho. They have been confirmed for Rock Am Ring this year btw! 😀

  • http://hario.wordpress.com hario

    I think they are a good recommendation. I also don’t mind whether they sound like AC/DC or whichever similar band: I like the sound, and that’s enough for me 😉

  • Stuart

    Airborne recently supported Motorhead here in Oz. I thought they were quite good. They put a lot of energy into their show Sounding like AC/DC is a good thing, is it not ?

  • http://linuxoutlaws.com Fabian A. Scherschel

    Ummm…. Dude…. As much as I respect your Linux/FOSS-awesomeness, this ain’t Rock and Roll. 😯

    I love AC/DC, but they’re not Rock and Roll either. You definitely need to check out http://www.littlestevensundergroundgarage.com — that’s R&R, mate!

    Anyway, nice music nonetheless. Love the energy. 😀