LugRadio Live USA 2008 Gong-a-thong Host Announced!

Just when you thought that LugRadio Live USA 2008 could not rock any more, with 35+ speakers and 40+ exhibitors, well….we have confirmed a key part of the show – who, is going to be presenting the legendary, and now world-famous Gong-a-thong Lightbulb Talk Extravaganza.

For those not clued into this, the Gong-a-thong Lightbulb Talk Extravaganza is a collection of very short five minute talks in which a bunch of people get up and talk about something interesting. The original idea, when I was chatting to Aq one night on the phone was to have a small gong that was hit to mark the end of each five minute talk. And then…in what I would like to consider a rare moment of brilliance…I remembered those old Rank movies with the guy, baby-oiled up, hitting a huge gong, and we knew that we needed someone, in a tight pair of undies, with a large gong.

Well, last year, we did it for the first time, and it was oodles of fun. The man in the hot seat…erm underpants, was our very own Adam Sweet:

Pasty white Brit seeks companion for fun and friendship…

I can’t tell you the special sense of pride that Aq and I felt, stood at the side of the stage, seeing Adam come running out from the back of the hall, to the Rocky theme music in a robe with ‘Sweet’ written on the back. There is a special sense of satisfaction seeing such an insanely ludicrous idea realised before your very eyes. It went down really well, and everyone had a blast watching it. :)

This year for LugRadio Live USA 2008, we thought very carefully about who to get in the thong, and one name kept popping up. Some say he never ages, locked in a constant state of being 12 and 3 quarters years old. Some say that when he grows up he is going to drive a train. And some say that he can put away more alcohol than a small country. We all know him as this guy:

Thong, thong, thong, thong, thong…

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls…I present the LugRadio Live USA 2008 Gong-a-thong host, Aaron Bockover, the lead developer behind the popular Banshee media player. If you look at the schedule you will see that Aaron will be hosting the gong-a-thong at 2pm on Sat 12th April, with his main Banshee talk at 3.30pm, in which he and Gabriel will be showing off some of the brand new work the awesome Banshee team have been beavering away at.

35+ speakers. 40+ exhibitors. A small man in a thong. All for $10. What more could you want? Go and pre-register and win prizes if you refer people to pre-register. :)

LugRadio Live USA 2008 – 12th/13th April 2008 – The Metreon, San Francisco.

  • Gabriel

    Oh dear lord…I’ll be ready to do the Banshee talk myself. :)

  • emmajane

    Is it wrong that I’m worried about the logistics of the baby oil used for the gong-a-thong and the street clothes (typically) required for the presentation straight afterwards? Good luck with that, Aaron. :)

    (He does know about the baby oil…doesn’t he?)

  • No’

    is it legal in California? Beware… or you’ll be thrown out of the US

  • imtehk

    Thats not the Stig

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  • mrben

    Ah yes – LugRadio – taking things that are old and Rank, and making them new. And rank.

  • Anonymous


    My girlfriend think’s that Adam’s gorgeous. I now feel disowned, disgusted and demoralised. I don’t want to know what she thinks of Stuart! Either way, do you know about this?


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  • Mom Bockover

    :roll:Send me the video! Can’t wait to see this! Miss you, Oh Mighty Aaron! Love, Mom

  • mrben

    Hmmm – suddenly my previous comment seems massively ironic.