Rambling Brit in TV Shocker!

A few months back I did an interview with the Sun Developer Channel and it was released today. The interview covers Ubuntu, MOTU, community building, developer communities, extremists, LugRadio, LugRadio Live USA 2008 and more:

Can’t see it? Click here!

You know what, I have done interviews before, but in this one I found it pretty nerve wracking. Something about a video camera poked in your direction in nerve wracking enough, let alone a full-on studio, like the one buried away at Sun’s Silicon Valley campus. Thanks to Barton for the interview. :)

  • http://ecubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/yahoonews.png Fernando

    Kool interview Jono. I will meet u on lugradio usa 😀

  • http://indianalinux.blogspot.com Simón A. Ruiz

    Nice. You did a great job!

    Do you mind if I play this, somehow, at our Hardy Release Party?

    Is the licensing kosher?

  • jono

    Simón – sure, play away – I should imagine it is fine as Sun provide an MP4 download. :)

  • http://indianalinux.blogspot.com Simón A. Ruiz

    Jono – sweet.

    Our party is going to be outdoors and picknicky, so we’ll see what capacity I have to actually play it…

    Take care!

  • jono

    Simón – wow! sounds great! where is it?

  • http://indianalinux.blogspot.com Simón A. Ruiz

    At a State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

    Hope it doesn’t rain! 😉