Ba-dum Tish!

You know what, learning death metal drumming is a pretty intense process. It requires an insane amount of investment – physical training and workouts, regular practise, creative focus, constantly learning from your fave drummers. Well, recently I felt I hit a new milestone in the process with a recording we (Seraphidian) did the other day in a jam – Skullduster – a track from our up-and-coming album. I can’t sustain the insane blast-beating for long, but its slowly getting better.

Any death metal drummers out there with some tips on improving?

  • Tom Mann

    I’m not a drummer, but recall a video where Gene Hoglan once saying he treats his drumming like a dance, then showed his ankles twisting from side to side whilst blasting the bass drum. It was definitely an interview during his SYL days, I’ll look on youtube…

  • Dave

    I’m no drummer either… but how exactly was that produced? It sounds like hand-sequenced single-shot samples rather than someone actually playing.

  • Tom Mann
  • fraggle

    Damn, you must have a really good sense of rhythm.

  • Ryan French

    I havent played drums in a long time, and when I did they werent my main instrument, but unfortunately they are just like everything else. The only way to get real good is to keep working at it. Drums especially are like a physical work out, maybe try lifting weights or something 😛

  • Roger Mudd

    Sounds great, but the cool kids are going to want more cow bell.

  • neil

    Cheat!!! Use something like Hydrogen to fill in the notes you cannot reach. Neil Peart (Rush) plays some awesome drum solos, with various triggers launching pre made electronic help.

  • Mike

    I’ve been playing drums for 15 years (damn, it’s really been that long??). A good friend of mine who doesn’t play metal, but a lot of fusion and funk is to let the mics do the work. If you play with the right energy and right control, you will quickly see a speed and endurance improvement. Also, practice and warm up with more tension on your peddles, and then loosen them up when your ready to jam.