Ubuntu Live

I am pleased to see that Ubuntu Live registration just opened! Last year, Ubuntu Live was a great first incarnation of the conference, and was incredibly productive and useful, and this year it is sure to be even better. This year is more diverse, jammed with a range of topics from community to business to partners to training to support and more, and will hopefully not involve me falling on my backside on a surfboard simulator.

I will be there, and so will a large chunk of the Ubuntu glitterati – be there or be…well just be there. OK? :)

  • Martin Owens

    I won’t be going, reading up on the event it doesn’t seem like something the community should be going to but something for the glitterati and the business folks to hob-nob amongst themselves.

    It is after all quite expensive to register.

  • Hector Rodriguez M.

    I have never heard, before last month, about Ubuntu. However, l started to take a training local course, in Dominican Republic, to understand the concept of “free coding”. Right on 3rd of August 2008, I have just discovered, in a large library, the text “El libro oficial de Ubuntu”, in Spanish language, written by Benjaming Mako Hill; Jono Bacon;Cary Burguer; Jonathan Jese,; Ivan Krstic (ANAYA). Your best recommendations are being expected.