Rock on, Ed

In the latest in an increasingly long line of amusing metal related videos, I bring you this:

Can’t see it? Click here.

(lots of naughty words, if that offends you, don’t watch it)

Very amusing. :)

Thanks to Klepas for letting me know about this. :)

  • bytey

    Just shown that on a couple of the wall screens in the office it as to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time! Nice one.

  • JGJones

    That was excellent!

  • curson

    I’ve a new fav on YouTube. Hilarious! 😀

  • Taras

    best youtube ever!

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  • Sirrus

    You know what, I don’t like metal, but this is just hilarious. 😀

  • piew

    sooooooo good 😛