debian at the email address known as ubuntu dot com

I just wanted to let those involved in the Debian project know about something. We are always trying to learn more about our relationship with Debian and determine ways of ensuring it is as smooth and as productive as possible. As with every relationship, there are high and low points, and I would like to keep the low points strongly focused on my alleged terrible taste in music (which is of course, a lie), and ensure the things that really matter are smooth running.

To help with this, we have set up a new email forward that comes directly through to me. If you are involved in either Debian or Ubuntu and have something to discuss about our relationship, then do get in touch – this can apply to letting me know where things are working well, things I should be aware of and areas that need improvement. :)

  • Vadim P.

    I hope this’ll help some!

  • seele

    Is that a diet caffeine free coke in the background? Diet? Caffeine Free? Metal Rocker?

  • Jayson Rowe

    Dude! I think this is awesome. I have always wanted to see the Ubuntu/Debian relationship stronger, and I think this is a huge step in the right direction!

    Great Move Jono!

  • Mark Brown

    It might be an idea to send a mail about this to to give it some exposure in Debian. Possibly debian-devel-announce if someone will post it for you.

  • jono

    Mark – yes indeed – thats the plan. :)

  • Jayson Rowe

    That’s awesome Jono! I thought I’d left a comment earlier today, but I guess it didn’t go through. I like the idea, and I’d love to see the two communities working together more – for a common goal.

  • Ean Schuessler

    A bit sugary but still a nice sentiment.

    I think its ultimately about reaching an equilibrium between Ubuntu’s desire to be great and Debian’s desire to level the playing field. One certainly doesn’t preclude the other but the agendas are in conflict.

    At least that’s my interpretation. ymmv, etc.

  • Vadim P.

    I just like Ubuntu’s desire to make Linux usable for ordinary humans 😐

  • vitus

    “and I would like to keep the low points strongly focused on my alleged terrible taste in music (which is of course, a lie)” BRILLIANT!! haha Check out these bands mate.. Municipal Waste and Death Breath. what do you think of Cavalera Conspiracy??

  • Scott

    Yes your taste in music is ghastly, but I forgive you. 😀

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