Severed Fifth

Recently I have mentioned a new project of mine called Severed Fifth. Although I can’t announce it yet, things are really coming along together nicely with it. The team is largely assembled, and we are getting the website together. The announcement is largely written, and the content is largely written.

I want to clarify that this is a spare-time project, not something that is replacing my work with Ubuntu and working at Canonical – it is something I am doing, and have wanted to do for a long time. All being well, I can announce it in the next few weeks. :)

  • Jesse Jarzynka

    Well that’s kind of a tease.

  • Ian McKellar

    Lame web site. Don’t give up the day job. 😛


  • blah

    Bah, it’s probably just another awful rockband.

  • niadh

    At least the website (as it is now) should be HTML 5 compatible.

  • James Hooker

    How “Apple” of you hehe

  • tikal26

    Now that you are talking about side projects what is going on with Jokosher?

  • boxemall

    Hey m8. congrats to your great album. i know this maybe not the right place to post this, but i’d really would like to know what pieces of software did u use to record and master your recordings? im very interested in linux recording solutions and wonder if u did it the free way.

    Keep on rocking!


    one more fan of your music