Destroy Everything

You know what, every so often you see something and it directly equates to your dream for a particular part of your life. In terms of my musical ambitions, the video to Destroy Everything by Hatebreed perfectly sums up perfectly what I would love to do with my music, and not only that, but I utterly love this crunchy, fat, grindy, anthemic song:

Can’t see it? Click here.


  • Philip

    It’s funny what passes for music these days. I much preferred Death Metal Bert and Ernie ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Weeber

    Dude, I just respect you a lot more after this blog post ๐Ÿ˜€ Hatebreed is my favorite band. Their last album wasn’t the best considering their past works but still was pretty damn good. But its weird that this song represent the music you want to sing, I thought you were more of a death metal guy..

  • anon

    I don’t like this music. The worst thing isn’t even that it doesn’t have any intellectual level, no brains at all are required to make or listen to this kind of music, but that it has no emotion in it other then hate. By making or listening to this music you are effectively turning off much (both the intellectual and the emotional parts) of your brains. Why would you want to do that?

  • jono

    anon – if you believe that the music in this video can be created at no intellectual level, it says more about you than it says about the music. All music, irrespective of whether it is your taste or not requires a definitive level of intellect and creativity to develop. I personally cannot stand Opera, but I acknowledge that it requires a certain level of creativity, experience and intellect to create. The same applies to metal, hip-hop, rap, pop, grindcore, rave, dance, jungle, drum n’bass or whatever else. As for the subject matter only talking about hate, well, this shows how little you know about Hatebreed – pretty much all of their music is about self-worth, discipline, belief in your abilities and more. They write songs about being true to your beliefs and your strengths, and living a true life – kids around the world listen to it and take strength from their message, in the same way I did when I was a kid and listened to Pantera.

    I may listen to music that “doesn’t have any intellectual level”, but I am not sure how anonymous trolling exactly pulls you into the intellectual elite.

  • mh

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it “doesn’t have any intellectual level”. I don’t know, it just seems like angry white kid music to me. Like you say, music preference is personal.

    I’m not familiar with their other music, maybe it’s about self-worth, belief in abilities, but I certainly don’t get that from this song. It is disturbing. Of course, so were the Stones in their day…

  • ji

    The absolute pinnacle of your musical dreams is a very very cliched beginners metal song? The only thing different between that band and the other wannabe metal bands I hear most weeks in this city is the size of the audience.

    If you are serious about music, then surely you can find a higher goal. Unless you’re only in music for the fame and fortune of playing to 100,000 people, but in that case, you’re not serious about music.

  • Mr. Surly

    Bah! Let the naysayers nay say … they aren’t supposed to get it. Great post Jono, it livened up my early workday.

    Dear Anon, get stuffed!!

  • Weeber

    @Jono: I couldn’t have said it better myself. @mh: you didn’t get this one because it carries that message too. If you’re not into this kind of music you may not get it. @ji: So you are of the people that judge the quality of an artist by how large his fanbase is? You are sooo original and oldschool…

  • anonymous

    this isn’t music, this is noise, and not even good noise.

    get some taste.

  • Leo S

    That was terrible. The first anon said “no brains at all are required to make or listen to this kind of music” and he’s right. Jono you say you don’t like opera (neither do I) but you still don’t think it’s intellectually worthless. That’s a strawman and you know it. Opera takes a great deal of skill and years of practice to do well, this trash doesn’t.

    Hell, I even like some of the other bands you mentioned. Pantera for example have some mind blowing stuff. To perform at that level would take years of dedicated practice and an existing musical aptitude. I don’t know the rest of Hatebreed’s songs, but Destroy everything is certainly completely mindless and devoid of any sort of talent, both musically and lyrically.

    I don’t care about the message either. I love some of God Dethroned’s pieces, and they sing about only the most horrible of stuff. But they’re good because they’re geniuses on the guitar (Soul Capture 1516 for example).

    It’s not about likes or dislikes. You can compare songs on their “intellectual” level objectively. Yes it’s not exact, but absolutes can be established.

  • Jesse Jarzynka

    +1 for Hatebreed. Great band that’s often misunderstood. One of the most positive metal bands ever, and just goes to show that most people equate aggressive music with negativity. Gonna see As I lay Dying on Thursday and Mayhemfest in Sept!

    Hatebreed – You’re Never Alone

    This is for the kids who have no where to turn Who have nothing to live for You think you haven’t the will to persist You have to search within yourself

  • ji

    @Weeber: no, that was the complete opposite of what I was saying. I’m saying that this song is a very very basic and stereotypically cheesey metal song of the style that thousands of people around the world are playing right now. To set this as your musical goal in life is setting an incredibly low bar. Like the kid who once told me he couldn’t wait til he was able to play guitar and jump around like those guys in Busted… I’m with Leo S here…I think there are some very good metal bands (I’ve been listening to a lot of ISIS and Pelican recently) but this song is just awful.

    Unless Jono was talking that his music dream was to play in front of 100,000 people. But thats not a musical goal, thats an ego goal that you (ab)use music to achieve.

  • anonymous

    @ji: Pelican and ISIS — prime examples of the sort of metal which I can actually appreciate for both technical skill and creativity. Have you listened to Earth at all? Or maybe some of the stuff James Plotkin or Justin Broadrick has put out. That’s good shit.

  • travis

    I like me lots of metal, but Hatebreed, seriously? I agree with @ji, this track is nothing more than mediocre. Hatebreed has not done anything new or original past their first album, and even then it is just wannabe tough-guy shit. Jono, for metal-tinged hardcore put down the Hatebreed, and check out better shit. Like Tragedy :)

  • jldugger

    I’m afraid the only dethmetal band I can endorse is Dethklok.

  • Weeber

    @ji: Your logic is flawed. If a huge audience comes to your concerts is because those people are into your music. You can’t tell 100,000 people that they have no taste, in music there’s nothing written in stone. Is like all those pop singers and emo bands, they have a huge fanbase. I’m not into that kind music but I don’t go around telling them that their music is trash as some people do.

    Not everybody can stand metal lyrics, not everybody think they’re sane (and we have to admit that they mostly aren’t, in a good kind of way :P) but we like it. Some bands are certainly more original and with best lyrics than others but who is qualified to say which band is? I’m sure that no one can agree on that issue :)

  • Weeber

    @ji: Oh, and about the metal wannabe part. Some people like the old metal and ONLY the old metal and just because of that they say that the metal of this generation is shit but maybe they just can’t stand the idea that metal is evolving, as any other music genre has done through out the years.

  • Alex

    Great Video Jono, i like waht u said on you reply to anon, por que no toda la musica de hoy dia tiene sentido pero a veces nos gusta solo el BIP or just the lirycs oh simplemente nos gusta. Hip-Hop es otro ritmo que es puro fu…. mother f…………… and the kids and the pleople listen. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • l3v1

    Well, hmm. It’s something alright. I wouldn’t call it music though. It’s fairly low level angry metal, there are multiple dozens of bands in similar categories that are so far much better than this. These guys seem to me like those young punks who dress and behave like ‘big guys’ and go down to the pub to raise havoc, only to be beaten to the ground by real ‘big guys’ who’ll just have enough after a while :/

    Yet, music is one of those subjective things that it’s really hard to find anything more subjective, so I can respect everyone’s own taste being different. And now I know what not to listen to anymore ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Walther

    I agree that this kind of music takes creativity and skill, but I’m not sure about the singing. You can argue that you like it (and that’s fine), but I cannot see how that is supposed to be music. As for the message: the only thing I could make out was ‘Destroy everything’. I hope kids that listen to this pick up more of the real message, cause I didn’t.

  • Matt

    not sure about hatebreed personally but in terms of my musical career I’ve never been a fan of the whole “huge festival” type thing.

    I’d be happy to play shows lke this:

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  • HandsomestWar

    Deathtรƒยถngue – there can be no other.