Ubuntu Developer Channel

I am pleased to announce that the Ubuntu Developer Channel on YouTube has gone live – a site that will be stuffed full of videos about Ubuntu development. To kick off the channel this week we have brought over Tony Whitmore to do a load of interviews throughout UDS. The first couple are with James Westby of bzr fame and myself:

Keep your eyes on the Ubuntu Developer Channel as this week continues to watch more videos that are added.

  • http://jldugger.livejournal.net jldugger

    Sweet. I was wondering what happened to the recording stations from the last conference. It was neat to listen into the conversations. Sadly the kernel team never seemed to be at their tables or whatever.

  • Marc

    Awesome! Would be cool to see these at a high-def video site like vimeo, too.

  • jldugger

    Also, http://www.youtube.com/rss/user/googletechtalks/videos.rss has an RSS feed. Some day I’ll make an awesome RSS cruncher to replace the swf enclosures with .flv, since flash video invariably sucks on Ubuntu =(

  • http://www.pittle.org/ Ali Servet Dönmez

    Is there any feed available for this?

  • jldugger

    Just… wow. Reading comprehension FTL.

  • http://www.pittle.org/ Ali Servet Dönmez
  • Anonymous

    Wow. The professionalism in each of the videos is fantastic, and for once Jono’s actually conducted an interview without the use of the word beard. Amazing. The interview. Not Jono.


    I’d love for these videos to be made available in Ogg Theora format as it’s illegal to download the videos from YouTube using the miriad of free tools available according to their Terms And Conditions. Please make them available in Ogg Theora!

  • Andy

    Any chance of those videos in some kind of free non-proprietary format? I here Ubuntu comes with Ogg Theora installed by default.