Coming soon…

The time to stir things up is soon…

I am not ready to announce this yet, but a few things to clarify from some comments from some people:

  • It is not just a band.
  • It is not just political.
  • It is not just designed to change things.
  • I am not leaving Ubuntu.

June 9th 2008. Keep your eyes peeled.

  • Mike Sheldon

    I predict Jono will cut off his thumb as a piece of performance art, protesting the shockingly diminished levels of hitchhiking in the UK.

  • Andrew

    For some reason, it keep accidentally reading that name as “Severed Filth”.

  • Ronnie Adams

    So, about those hairy arms. Kinda scary no?

  • Henry

    Is it a breadbox?

  • Vadim P.

    … that’s what I read it as too at first.

  • NeX

    😐 ooook… it seems interesting, we will have more clues?

  • http://none Veets

    A fork of gnome to start work on gtk3?

  • Mork

    Why are you not living Ubuntu???

  • Toby Shaw

    What with all this secrecy and hoopla it’s obviously some sort of gyro-stabilised scooter thingy :)

  • Tom Dison

    A rock album to raise money for the 5 main oss BSD’s – Open, Net, Free, Dragonfly, PC-BSD. The title song is “We Make World”. Sorry to let the secret out.

  • David Schleef

    Severed Fifth is the alternate persona of Jono’s real new band, The Thigh Fives. TTF is a 4-piece post-emo pop/punk band, with Jonathan (a.k.a. Jono) as the front. Jono grew his hair long into his eyes and lost 20 pounds to get that Iggy Pop look. TTF doesn’t care what you think. You wouldn’t understand why a metal band would convert to post-emo anyway.