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The End Of LugRadio

DIGG THIS! Today we announced that we have decided to call it a day with LugRadio. Our last show will be LugRadio Live UK 2008 on the 19th and 20th July 2008 at The Lighthouse in Wolverhampton. We announced this in the latest episode of LugRadio, Season 5 Episode 21 – go and have a […]

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Iron Maiden Tickets

Dammit! I missed out grabbing tickets for Iron Maiden at Twickenham on the 5th July. This is the tour I have been waiting years for. If anyone knows of any spare tickets I can get my hands on, please email me. I will be super grateful if someone can help hook me up with some […]

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Wow, busy few days – I have been locked in my studio recorded Denied By Reign – the debut Severed Fifth album which will be part of my exploration into the new music economy. For the curious, see Studio Report #1 and Studio Report #2. Also, thanks to Ars Technica for writing up Severed Fifth […]

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Severed Fifth Recording Begins

Well, tomorrow I begin recording the debut Severed Fifth album; Denied By Reign. This is an album that has been in the works for a long time, and primary recording begins tomorrow and finishes on Wednesday. This will involve eight songs and all of the tracking and production for all of the instruments – safe […]

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Ashley Highfield Reviews Ubuntu

The original meeting with Ashley, back in February As some of you will remember, a while back I went to London to see Ashley Highfield, the Director Of Future Media and Technology to talk to him about Ubuntu. It was a successful and productive meeting, and Ashley was interested in Ubuntu and Open Source. Well, […]

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Severed Fifth Album and Recording Details

Well, I am pleased to unveil that the debut Severed Fifth album will be called Denied By Reign and it will feature the following tracks, which are confirmed right now: Metric Of Hate Beating Heart Dollar Plague The Lake Edge Of Design Take The Test War Enslaved By Pain There may be some additional content […]

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Organise your good-self a Ubuntu Global Bug Jam partay

Work continues apace on the rather excellent Ubuntu Global Bug Jam which takes place from Fri 8th August to Sun 10th August 2008. Put simply, the aim of the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam is for groups around the world to get together, fix Ubuntu bugs and have a great time. Right now, we don’t want […]

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So very true

“To me it seems like people are taking turns at kicking arse“. — Daniel Holbach talking about some of the progress we have been making recently in the Ubuntu community.

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Ubuntu Developer Channel

Recently the Ubuntu Developer Channel has been pumping out a pretty serious chunk of content – the channel now has 22 videos with over 360 subscribers. I wanted to provide a bunch of links to the content – go and check out some of the fascinating interviews from UDS as well as our packaging tuition […]

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Polycom Communicator Low Mic Volume

Dear Lazyweb, UPDATE – READ BELOW THE SOLUTION I am having troubles getting my Polycom Communicator for Skype speakerphone working in Ubuntu – the microphone volume is always very low in Skype, and when I try to adjust the mixer volume slider for the mic, there is no luck. This does not appear to be […]

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