A favour from readers who enjoy their music on the heavier side…

…please could you use the comments form snuggly attached to this blog entry to let me know of the most interesting metal and rock magazines, fanzines, websites and communities, and particularly ones that could be interested in hearing about new projects and artists. Thanks! :)

  • http://www.hadess.net Bastien

    Mixmag! :)

  • Sam

    Metal Hammer and Classic Rock Magazine. As if you haven’t thought of those already 😛

  • Joe Tennies

    I love Amie Street (http://amiestreet.com) for hearing about indy music (though they have some bigger named people too). I know you already know about Magnatune.

  • Josh

    blabbermouth.net is where I get all my metal news.

  • mudfly

    stonerrock.com, hellridemusic.com, smallstone.com, southern.com

  • oz

    maximumrocknroll? [maximumrocknroll.com]

  • http://www.alexandrefranke.com/ Dedalus

    ultimate-guitar.com might be interested.

  • http://reksio.ftj.agh.edu.pl/~azrael/ Azrael Nightwalker

    metalstorm.ee – they have a nice listing of upcoming metal albums

  • Aaron Gerber

    Pandora.com is about the only site that has given me suggestions of metal that I didn’t already know about and that I also really liked. While it’s not specifically metal, it did make some solid connections. Thanks for the sprinkling in of metal in the already riveting dialog that is found on jonobacon.org/LUGRadio!

  • Matt

    I like MetalReview.com for regular reviews (http://metalreview.com/), as well as Metalreviews (http://v2.metalreviews.com/), which has nice reviews but less content. (Great names, both of these sites :()

    Also, your band does not exist unless it has an entry at the Encyclopaedia Metallum (http://www.metal-archives.com/) :)

  • Matt

    Also, Aversionline (http://www.aversionline.com/blahg/) used to be the place for getting a demo/non-label recording reviewed, but I don’t think he does that much anymore…

  • http://radioverve.com Shreyas

    http://radioverve.com/metal Best of Indian Metal music.

  • Jayne The Great!

    I like Classic Rock. There is also MetalHammer Alternative magazine is also good I don’t have the website to hand but do a Google search for Metal Dating, they may be interested :-) Oh, and BrainDeadCollective Nights, I also don’t have the website to hand but they organize a lot of metal/goth nights/bands in the Midlands. They are always interested top hear of upcoming bands and I have seen verious bands play in various locations. The Birmingham Rock Soc – University of Birmingham organise things like that too.

    Yes, I have nothing better to do on my lunchhour today!

  • http://www.wretchedsoul.co.uk Mph

    http://www.ukthrash.co.uk for decent underground uk bands. :)

  • http://www.allixdavis.eu/blog Allix

    My friend writes for a few metal rags and does photos for bands. you could check his site out if your interested (http://www.dayal.co.uk) .

  • http://blog.zrmt.com andylockran

    My mate Alex has just joined up with Broken Faith – Brum based Metal Band. They should be doing a gig 28th June in brum..

    before then, there’s http://www.myspace.com/brokenfaith

  • http://blog.zrmt.com andylockran