The End Of LugRadio


Today we announced that we have decided to call it a day with LugRadio. Our last show will be LugRadio Live UK 2008 on the 19th and 20th July 2008 at The Lighthouse in Wolverhampton. We announced this in the latest episode of LugRadio, Season 5 Episode 21 – go and have a listen to the show to hear more.

In a nutshell, we have decided that LugRadio has had a good run for the last four years and five seasons, and a show such as ours has always faced the risk of getting old and tired unless the formula is changed to keep it fresh. This growth and evolution has happened to a decent degree over the seasons as we introduced interviews, musical comedy skits, points based segments, competitions, focusing on different types of content etc, but as we near the end of Season 5 we came to the conclusion that the show was nearing its natural conclusion. From the beginning, when we have discussed if and when LugRadio was to finish we were always determined to take it out on a high, and this is part of the reason we feel now is a good time. The last thing we would want people to say is “yeah LugRadio was fantastic, well apart from that dire sixth season“. We feel we have had five good solid seasons under our belt, so now is probably a good time to wrap things up.

Now, as with when Matt left, some people are bound to jump to conclusions why we are calling it a day. To clarify:

  • We have not fallen out. We are all still best friends.
  • Severed Fifth is not why I am leaving.
  • Adam’s business dreams is not why he is leaving.
  • Aq has not decided to join a travelling circus.
  • Chris has not set up a cult around the Network Block Driver. Actually, that’s a lie. He has.
  • We have not been acquired by the Linux Action Show and Jupiter Enterprises.

A am massively proud of what we have managed to achieve. Over 100 shows, 7 full-time presenters and countless guest presenters, 200+ hours of audio, 100+ guests, 2million+ downloads, 1000+ forums members, 40000+ forums posts, 5 live events in two countries, 5000+ emails to the show and an incredible community of people who have surrounded the show, discussed it, got involved in some way, and otherwise given us all an immense enthusiasm to keep doing LugRadio. I am also proud of every one of my co-presenters over the years – Steve “Sparkes” Parkes, Matt Revell, Ade Bradshaw and the current roster of Adam Sweet, Chris Procter and Stuart “Aq” Langridge. I am particularly proud of Aq, my best mate and someone who has been my partner in crime in LugRadio since Season 1 Episode 1.

The thing I am most proud of about LugRadio is that it shook things up. It has always been raw, unexpected and at times uncomfortable to listen to. We always set out to do a show on our terms, knowing full well it would not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we forged ahead and I am proud of how the history looks.

Everyone has their favorite moments, and I just wanted to highlight just a few of mine:

  • Our many incredible guests – Nat Friedman, Jeff Waugh, Eric Raymond, Miguel de Icaza, Mark Shuttleworth, Matthew Garrett, Rob McQueen, Sacha “Sago” Goedegebure, Alexandre Juillard, Havoc Pennington, Colin Walters, Quim Gil, Greg Kroah-Hartman and many more.
  • The many strong debates Aq and I have launched into on the show. We have a somewhat unusual style of debating and some people have been worried we were on the verge of falling out, which has never happened. I know, its odd, and something that started back in 2001 at LUG meetings. It never stops being fun. :)
  • The Gong-a-thong was an idea that Aq and I concocted late one night while on the phone. The first time we did it in Wolverhampton, we both stood at the side of the stage and it was a very surreal, proud and frankly hilarious moment. We replicated such insanity in San Francisco with Aaron Bockover and it was another comedy gem. The final gong-a-thong will happen at LugRadio Live UK 2008 in a few weeks.
  • Ade’s random stories, and strange expectations of life. Who can forget Ade asking if any of us looked at our arses in the mirror, expecting a fully reasoned and learned discussion about said activity. Oh, and Ade’s perspectives on women in technical roles and his idea of compliments to a lady in a nightclub (“You sit well for an old girl…“). Bonkers.
  • The booting of Matt Lee and GNU/FSF on the show and his admirable efforts at retort. Oh, and RMS refusing to come on the show as we use the words “Open Source” in the description of the show.
  • Theatrics and comedy skits – The National Lottery segment, musical efforts (Pigeon Street, Lion Sleeps Tonight), Mrs Mudchild appearing because Matt was late for the show, Stallman only wanting a kipper, the What The F**k Book Truck, Filthy Gamble and more.
  • LugRadio Live USA 2008. Wow, what an experience – a lot of fun, and a lot of work, but well worth it.
  • LugRadio Live And Unleashed – there is nothing like doing a show in front of hundreds of people. It is a lot of fun and a real buzz.
  • Sparkes availing us of his many stories, particularly the girl taking the piss out of his shoes in Wolverhampton. When I was editing his best bits segment I had tears streaming down my face laughing.
  • Filming the LugRadio Live 2007 promo videos. It was a lot of fun making them. Actors, we are not.
  • The emails. Our emails were always eclectic. Sometimes random, sometimes wise, sometimes hilarious, sometimes deeply offensive, but always inspiring. We loved every one of them, even the ones we thought were crap. :)
  • The competitions – Stupid Hat For Corporate Tat, Look Queer In The New Year, Pimp My LugRadio, Asa Raskin’s Hat Dilemma and more.
  • Bruno’s talk at LugRadio Live 2006 about how much we all swear in LugRadio and his rather amusing delivery and graphs.
  • Matt’s impressions, particularly his Irish leprechaun impression. Specifically, Matt’s leprechaun impression that he used to impersonate Lucky Charms when at Skycon in Limerick.
  • The Finger Of God.

It is certainly going to be unusual not having my mates around to my house every two weeks to record a show, drinking endless amounts of tea, taking an average of 15 takes to record an intro (really), regularly ribbing each other about everything under the sun, and then releasing a show and hearing about how it was received by our community.

So, the last episode of LugRadio will be recorded in front of a live audience at LugRadio Live UK 2008 on the 19th July 2008 in Wolverhampton. Why not come and share it with us, and the Saturday night we will be toasting to four years surrounded by our friends from the community; I can’t think of a better way to get off the roller-coaster. :)

Also see Aq’s write-up.

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  • Niklas R

    Oh crap, just when I discover that there’s an excellent Linux podcast (thanks to Linux Format’s nice writeup last fall) it gets cancelled. Can’t blame you though; you’ve been doing this for five years and I can understand if it starts to feel a bit stale for you. Speaking as a new listener, I think it’s fresh, funny, thought-provoking, etc.

    Anyway, following the Severed Fifth project with intense interest. Good luck!

  • jono’s #2 fan


  • Michael Erskine

    Sorry to hear it. The show had a good innings though and will be fondly remembered by many.

  • Ryan

    A real shame but thank you all for the podcast over the years – I’m pretty sure your going to take a job at Jupiter Broadcasting though.

  • Robin

    What the hell? Are you being shown on the Fox network or something?

    Damn good thing I’ll be making it to LRL UK.

  • Ryan McDonough

    LugRadio Live 2008…

    July 19-20th this year is the date set for LugRadio Live 2008 UK, and judging by the past events they’ve put on this one will be an amazing event.

    LugRadio Live UK 2008 is an event that has developed a strong reputation for providing a range of …

  • Dorian

    NOOOOO!!!!! 😥 whimpers

    Good show guys. LugRadio will be missed and fondly remembered.

  • Julien Dehee


    I mean, seriously … I’m addticted to that show.

  • Rob

    Really sad to see the show go. Going to be at my first live in July, looking forward to making the most of it.

  • Glyn Wintle

    Tell me its not true!

    We will miss you if its really going to happen. Your community of loyal fans would really like to know what they can do to stop the show closing down.

  • heathenx

    I’m not gonna cry…I’m not gonna cry…fight the tears…hold it. 😥

    Seriously, good run indeed. Thanks for keeping us entertained and good luck with things in the future. I’ll definitely miss the show.

  • luglover

    YEY! This is the best news all day. 😀 :mrgreen: 😀 :mrgreen:

  • luglover

    @Glyn Wintle :”Your community of loyal fans would really like to know what they can do to stop the show closing down.”

    Thats easy. Find some more pissed up lager louts to talk shit for you

  • Chris

    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your podcasts. Absolutely gutted.

    (Perhaps I should get out more!)

  • jono

    luglover – interesting, I only remember having had drinks one time when we recorded a show in four years, and that was when we recorded a segment at New Years, which I would suggest most people have had a few drinks. As such, I would conclude that you can bite me. Go anonymous troll someone else.

  • luglover

    Jono – I just assumed there was alcohol involved, because thats usually peoples excuse for being such dicks and talking such shit. If you don’t need it, well then, well done to you.

  • jono’s #2 fan

    @jono do you wear eye makeup ?

  • jono

    luglover – I guess now we are not doing LugRadio now, I can stop being a dick and instead talk shit on people’s blogs, eh?

    jono’s #2 fan – only at weekends and on special occasions. :)

  • War-N

    Wow. The end of an era in entertainment and education! Thanks for 5 seasons of fun!!

  • zefren

    Thanks for the great shows – you will be missed!

  • jono’s #2 fan

    @jono 😯

  • sparkes

    Ahh fucking ‘ell it’s all ended :(

    Thanks for the kind words and all the fun. I was there at the beginning you know :p

  • jono

    sparkes – can you come to LRL and we can have a beer and maybe a photo. :)

  • istoff

    Thanks guys.

    Every episode had me laughing embarrassingly out loud at least once and swearing at your boneheadedness / stupidity / lack of preparation many more times. I never had to write in and complain, though, as the community always chimed in.

    Lugradio will be fondly remembered and missed.

    hash-lugradio must be shitting themselves for new content!

  • Mr T Arse

    Good grief, season five you were just getting your arses in gear with a decent content to childish giggling ratio and you quit now?! You cruel teases… what will make me snort my coffee embarassingly in public now?! Sigh…

    Don’t be so silly. Tell us all its a hoax and move on :)

  • sparkes

    @jomo, I really wanted to drop by this year and say a few quiet hellos to people I haven’t seen in years but I’m off to Wales on the Saturday morning. :(

    I might pop to a Lug meeting at some point if we can arrange for a bunch of the old guard to pop over.

  • luglover

    @jono – I’m sorry, I didn’t realise this was a sychophantic lovein for LUGRadio. I’m simply explaining why I’m not sorry to see it go.


    Feel better now?

  • jono

    @sparkes – ahhh thats a shame. Let’s grab a pint sometime and catch up. :)

    @luglover – much better. :)

  • delor

    $ sudo hwclock –set –date=”4/01/08 16:13:00″ Now everything is gona be alright.

  • TheGreatGonzo


    I am gutted…… it was great to hear people promote and be self critical of Linux/OSS/WETF Stallman wants to call it(!!) at the same time.

    Only been listening for about a year but have gone back and listened to all the earlier casts

    The interviews and your arguments creased me up!!

  • z_pod

    @luglover. You’re full of shit.

  • Gareth J. Greenaway

    So when and where is the reunion show? I think we can safely assume it’ll be on top of a random building somewhere? A LUG Radio Live show followed by a little barber shop quartet perhaps? Seriously though, excellent run gentlemen. Congratulations on the long run of the show.

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  • Jeff Ratliff

    Add Jokosher to the list of accomplishments. It wouldn’t have happened without LugRradio, but has gone far beyond the LugRadio community. How many podcasts have inspired their own software projects? I’m sure I could come up with more examples of things the show has inspired, but I’m lazy today.

    Good luck, and I can agree that quitting on a high note is a good plan. I’ve never heard a bad show (well, I wasn’t all that excited about episode 9).

    Thanks for all you’ve done.

  • john levin

    Does that mean no more Lug Radio Live? No more of the best free software event in the uk? No more searching for decent food in Wolverhampton?

    Say it ain’t so!

  • Nicklas Larsson

    what the hell should i do now then.. nothing to listen to.

  • Andrew Oakley

    This is all a ruse, and Jono is going to temporarily regenerate into David Morrissey for the Christmas Special before returning for three more episodes and a guest appearance in Torchwood next year.

    Oh hang on, wrong blog…

  • I Love My Linux

    Say it isn’t so…

    Every two weeks, for the past 4 years, the award winning LugRadio team put out a podcast talking about the latest linux / oss news and having very colourful discussions about their very polarised views on all things linux. They have even had live week…

  • James Hooker

    Sad day in UK free software –

    Thanks guys for the hours of awesomeness, and because of you everyone on the 7:20 train to Waterloo thinks I am insane – as I randomly laugh to myself while listening on the headphones.

    I’ll be drinking several beers for you at LRL 08

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  • papabean

    Thanks for a wonderful run. Your show kept me from losing my mind and even helped me win a few bets over the years. Your lively debate always ensured that I kept a fresh perspective on Linux.

    Thanks a load for LRL USA! Glad that there was one before the show ended.

  • Vstar

    Dammit! I find the funniest technical UK podcast ever, that’s sooo funny I spend three months listening to ALL the back episodes, then just as I catch up, it finishes… Bugger…

    Any chance you can find some capable volenteers to take over the baton???

  • LinuxJedi


    How the heck am I going to get weird looks chuckling away to myself now?

    I’m going to have to find something else to listen to, maybe I’ll take up metal :)

  • Rob Enderle

    I’m not sure how to react. On one hand, you guy are a bunch of Novell sucking, Mono blowing, Gnome licking toadies who spend waaaay too much time being Miguel nuthuggers and who managed to never put a guest ill at ease with a hard question as shown by the sucky Carmony interviews and the public fellating of Senor Icaza.

    On the other, this was the best gnu-linux show by quite a margin as well as being one of the most entertaining tech podcasts. It was witty and sarcastic but never seemed to try to be funny (something every podcast tries desperately to do). With the new influx of presenters (and more hair), the show didnt feel stale but I guess its better to leave a little early than a little late. From now on, it will be remembered “Sure, its a good podcast but its not as good as LUGRadio was!”

    Thanks for 5 fun years you freedom loving Suse-loving wankers!!

    At least I wont have to hear about Ubuntu anymore!!!


    PS: Andrew is right, I see Jono doing a stint as Capt Jack’s boytoy on Torchwood

  • Terry Love

    Thanks to all those that worked on the show. I know you weren’t but it always sounded like 4 blokes who’d just got back from the pub where they’d had 1 pint short of too many – that was it’s charm, reminded me of so many Friday nights out with mates after work back when it was allowed (mated get married, offices move out of the centre of town, no more Fridays).

    Haven’t listened yet, I think I probably listen to most of the alternatives you can recommend but I’ll be checking.

    I hope all you guys get on the “guest lists” for the other shows, like politicians get on the after dinner speaking circuit. I need a fix of irreverent Linux/F/OSS commentary now and then, and nobody does it better (catchy, where have I heard that before?).

  • Hywel

    Balls… wot the hell am i going to listen to in my van now!!!

    guys i may not always agree with you, but you always make your point well, and the swearing is a bonus… just sounds like you been talking with us, not to us. I’m really gonna miss it.. to be able to talk some sense, make people laugh and it’s about geeky nerdy type stuff is a real talent… and ginger aswell!!!

    THANKS GUYS… you bunch of tw*ts!


    @luglover… you suck the sweat off a dead mans balls!

  • Eric Amundson

    Damn! I freaking love LugRadio and will miss the thoughtful conversations – they always get me thinking about what Free Software and Linux really mean to me.

    Thanks for an awesome show!

  • Michael

    I say pass on the legacy to some enthusiatic young lads instead of shutting it down completely. How about interviewing fresh recruits. The show must go on. LUG Radio still has plenty of years left, don’t kill it off at this tender age.

  • Kennon

    Personally I stopped listening regularly when Matt left but only because I felt like a lot of the chemistry was gone. But I still caught the shows occasionally and the podsphere will be a much poorer place without you guys. Thank you for all the years of entertainment! Best of luck in your following endeavors.

  • bigredradio

    Sorry to hear it go. I have been a faithful listener since season 1 episode one. My dreams of sparks coming back will never happen. I was grateful to speak at LRL US and hope to see you guys at other conferences like SCALE.

    The one moment that stands out is the punch line “Cause every time I fuck your mum she gives me a biscuit.”

    Take care. Good luck with Ubuntu and Severed Fifth

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  • eliot frost

    Man! I bought a new MP3 player just to listen to you guys again. Oh well. I’m really gonna miss you guys, and it’s a crying shame I’ll never be able to go to LRL.

    Wish all of you the best. Rock on, mate.

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  • m@rcus

    As someone yelled it before:

                :twisted: !!! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THIS !!! :twisted:

    I couldn’t believe it when I read it on slashdot this morning (shame on me – haven’t had the time to listen to the last show, yet).

    Guys, please don’t…

    Well, the dices are fallen, I guess. Hence, all that’s left to say is to thank you very, very much for the efforts you put into the show and LRL. Bummer I couldn’t make to LRL and now it becomes obvious: I never will, ‘cos I can’t make it this year.

    I will miss your awesome british way of taking the piss combined with a really unique way of providing decent information on the Linux side of life.

    I am deeply sad about your decision and I still can’t believe it… :sad:

    Staggering in grieve,


  • wayne

    Sad to see LugRadio end. You guys made listening to a podcast fun, it was full of life and energy. It’s takes effort to put a podcast together and you guys did a great job and made linux fun. I will miss the regular dose.

    Well done and thanks all.

  • Eric

    Dagnabbit! I JUST found out about you guys last fall in LXF. You were the best Linux podcast I’ve ever heard. Neither too technical, nor too off topic.

    You should have a new blog post where you recommend other replacement podcasts so we can find something as good as LugRadio was.

  • AndyD

    Identikit reply #7845…

    Thanks for the many hours of entertainment. I realise what hard work it was giving the community their LR fix. Congratulations for working so hard for so long.

    Hope that there is scope for one-off specials (like how ‘Only Fools and Horses’ had several endings 😉 ) and LRL like events in the future.

    Andy D

  • terence

    what do guyz want money? Am sure you still have a season or so left in you. All the same i have really enjoyed the run you had and for that i say a big thank you

  • Bryan James

    Blame me, no matter when I find something good (TV Shows like Jericho) or Podcasts like LUGradio they go and get cancelled or quit… I’m going to go live in a cave.

    I discovered LUGRadio when I got a Nokia N800 the first part of may and have made it through most of the back catalog only to have this happen….:cry:

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  • Evy

    My lover travelled 4 hours every weekend (for over a year) to pick me up en get me back home. Everytime you aired a new show, he had it with him. It was the only thing that could keep him awake 😉 (and I’m very grateful for that, hehe!) . He really enjoyed listening to your show, and I believe that it inspired him to do more with his knowledge about linux and open source software. I really want to thank you all for that. I only have a year experience with open source and I sometimes I thought it was kinda hard to understand you all, because of your nice English accent ;).. But you all did a very nice job and I think you have been (and are) an important part of the development of open source software, the community and the “open source mindset”. I wish you all the very best of luck!!

    Greetings from the Netherlands, Evy

  • the emacs-boy

    The emacs-boy is now a very sad boy indeed. He will certainly miss the great and funny venom-drippin’ dialogs. I can’t belive that you guys actually is on speaking terms after some of the shows. Lugradio has given me a broader perspective on GNU/Linux and “free and open source”. And that life in Open Source is best enjoyed with a laughter. Thanks for a great show!

    :w :q

    “fucking hell!”

    $kill -9 emacs

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  • Breezer

    Shock! Dismay! is how I felt at the news while listening to the episode announcing it. I haven’t made it to an LRL yet but was really considering this one. You and one other ‘cast are the only ones I’ve kept the faith with, the only two I consistently have to listen to (even if a few days after release). Despite being hard to listen to sometimes (Aq’s comment on speaking over each other was surprisingly made about one of the easiest times to catch everybody’s words), the banter and sometimes toilet-level humour was rarely too much and made it all the more lively. You never quite knew what was coming next and who the next ribbing comment would be aimed at.

    Will be sadly missed; may we yet get a Christmas/… reunion special? (although that could equally be a horrible idea).

    Ubuntu UK podcast hasn’t been mentioned yet; I’ve heard a couple and it’s too serious, of course, to be fun, but I’m giving it a chance.

  • Breezer

    PS: you only cancelled it because you ran out of medium t-shirts didn’t you!

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  • Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér

    … Because they are THE SAME FUCKING PROGRAM! …

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  • pete

    Bollocks! I only discovered lugradio in Feb this year when i was looking for something to listen to whilst painting some doors. I have since caught up with Season5, and am up to episode 15 of season 4. today i put rockbox onto my Sansa C250 so I could listen to the show in ogg format, went to pick up the last few podcasts, and find out it is going away! (well, gone since yesterday apparently!) I listen to lugradio on the way to work, when cutting the lawns etc – comedy and useful information all in one. well – …. comedy anyway……

    Guys – it is still fresh, and very funny. the Ubuntu UK podcast is good but too serious, linux action show is OK, but still 2nd best to lugradio.

    As others said, if you are finding it a drag, then take a break. Come back in 12 months time, fresh and revitalised ? pretty please ? :-)


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