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It hurts. It really hurts.

Pointed to me by Aq – what happens when the legendary Van Halen play the multi-million selling Jump live while the backing tape with the famous synth from the song is played back at slightly the wrong pitch? Well, you get a combination of the following: The whole band sound ropier than a snake-charming convention. […]

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Ubuntu Developer Channel: Packaging 101 Video

Well folks, the Ubuntu Developer Channel continues to get crammed with goodness, and I am pleased to announce another MOTU video – Packaging 101 Part 1 and Part 2. This video sees the inimitable Daniel Holbach teach you how to make a package. This is a great first step to getting started becoming a MOTU. […]

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Invigorating GNOME

There has been some discussion recently about the future of GNOME. I have seen this blogged on Planet GNOME, on the LugRadio Forums, discussed in corridors and elsewhere. Although I am an ardent supporter and fanboy around GNOME, and I love the desktop for its simplicity and elegance…GNOME has become the software equivalent of my […]

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Severed Fifth Announcement

Well, I am pleased to finally take the wraps off my new project – Severed Fifth. The curious can go and listen to or read the announcement. If you are interested in free culture and a new music economy, the project may be of interest to you. In summary – “Severed Fifth is a music […]

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Nearly Ready

Getting the final bits ready for the Severed Fifth announcement on Monday. I would like to thank Aq, Mike, Adam and Scott for all of their excellent work in getting it together. Their work has been incredible, particularly with my life being so busy right now with Ubuntu, LugRadio, LugRadio Live, and various personal things. […]

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Ubuntu UK Podcast Interview

I got some hassle from the inimitable Dave ‘Daviey’ Walker to mention that I was interiewed at UDS on the latest Ubuntu UK Podcast. You can download it here. Thanks guys for the interview!

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Ubuntu Global Bug Jam!

DIGG THIS AND SPREAD THE WORD! People of the world rejoice for I am delighted to announce our very first Ubuntu Global Bug Jam which will take place from Fri 8th August to Sun 10th August 2008. So, what is the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam? Well, let me explain. Put simply, it is a world-wide […]

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LugRadio Live UK 2008

UPDATE: Go and Digg this story! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I am pleased to announce the first collection of confirmed speakers for the legendary LugRadio Live UK 2008 that is happening on the 19th and 20th July 2008 at The Lighthouse Media Center, Chubb Buildings, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1HT – astute readers […]

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MOTU Instructional Videos

I am pleased to announce another new video on the Ubuntu Developer Channel. This one is the first in a series of instructional MOTU videos, that Daniel Holbach and I shot in London a little while back. If you are primed and ready to get going on your MOTU journey, this is a great place […]

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A favour from readers who enjoy their music on the heavier side…

…please could you use the comments form snuggly attached to this blog entry to let me know of the most interesting metal and rock magazines, fanzines, websites and communities, and particularly ones that could be interested in hearing about new projects and artists. Thanks!

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