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Severed Fifth Licensing

You know what? I hate licensing. Sure, it is a necessary evil, but I prefer to spend my time on doing things as opposed to licensing things. Despite this, licensing is a key element of Severed Fifth and I went through quite a mental journey to finalise the choice of the Creative Commons Sampling Plus […]

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LugRadio Live UK 2009 Confirmed

For those of you who were not at LugRadio Live UK 2008, I am pleased to announce that after a last-minute change of heart, there will be a LugRadio Live in the UK in 2009. Now, some of you may be claiming this was all a big PR stunt, but I am afraid you credit […]

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Resource Fetishism

Its funny how the same approximate process seems to happen for many communities, and sub-communities in projects. It happens a little like this: A new team forms from a small group of enthusiasts. They create a raft of resources – version control, repositories, mailing lists, IRC channels, bug trackers, councils, forums etc. A discussion happens […]

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On Governance

One of the primary functions of a community manager is to put governance in place where it is appropriate to help your community run effectively. Governance is a funny ‘ol word though, and everyone has their interpretation of what exactly it means, to what extent it should be used and how required it is. Like […]

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LugRadio Live This Weekend!

This weekend is LugRadio Live UK 2008 at The Lighthouse Media Center in Wolverhampton. The weekend looks a little like this: Friday – 8pm – LugRadio Party @ The Hogs Head, Stafford St Saturday – 10.30am – LugRadio Live UK Day 1 doors open @ The Lighthouse Media Center, Fryer Street, Wovlerhampton Saturday – 5pm […]

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Severed Fifth Updates

Just wanted to give a quick update on Severed Fifth and some of the work going on in the project: Recording is going well. The vast majority of the music is tracked, I just need to finish up vocals. Go and see studio reports 1 2 and 3 for more details. I think things are […]

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UDS In December and MOTU Vid

A few bits of Ubuntu news for you all. Firstly, I am pleased to announce the next Ubuntu Developer Summit which will take place from Monday 8th – Friday 12th December 2008 at Google in Mountain View in California. We wanted to get the dates up ASAP so you can begin booking time in your […]

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Wow. That is the only way of describing how we all feel in the LugRadio team regarding the response to Monday’s news that we are wrapping up LugRadio. I have been, in a word, stunned at the incredibly generous and kind comments that we have been receiving. It was incredible to see so many comments […]

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Mum and Dad

My Dad has had something of an interesting life. When he was very young, he was part of a large family that didn’t have a lot. He struggled at school and suffered some health problems as a kid, but his determination and enterprising nature lead him through a maze of interesting little adventures. When he […]

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Yes! Maiden! This Saturday!

Mucho, mucho, mucho thanks to NickG for informing me that new tickets went on sale for Iron Maiden at Twickenham on Saturday. I consequently went and snapped up two tickets for Aq and I. This Saturday, we will be watching Iron Maiden re-creating songs that I have been listening to since I was 10 years […]

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