LugRadio Live UK 2009 Confirmed

For those of you who were not at LugRadio Live UK 2008, I am pleased to announce that after a last-minute change of heart, there will be a LugRadio Live in the UK in 2009.

Now, some of you may be claiming this was all a big PR stunt, but I am afraid you credit us with too much intelligence. :) Basically Aq and I had a conversation on the Friday before LRL about whether we should do another year, largely fuelled by the excitement that was building. Then we went to the pre-LRL party and got inundated with requests for another year.

So, the following day, on the first day of LRL, the four presenters went to a Starbucks and we had a quick meeting to discuss it and decided that we thought it would be doable to do another show next year. Much of the reason for agreeing to organise another show is that LRL really is a unique atmosphere – there is simply nothing that matches it, and the idea of never having that atmosphere again was a sad prospect. We also had a huge amount of support and help – with nearly 30 crew and a core team of 5 or so organisers, it all came together nicely.

Oh, and to clarify, we are still final in our decision to stop doing the podcast – there won’t be any more normal LugRadio shows, but there will be a live recording at next year’s LugRadio Live UK 2009.

So…bring on LugRadio Live UK 2009!

  • Myrtti

    JEEE I mean YAY! I almost took it as a personal insult that you decided to stop doing LUGradio Lives when I only had found them and could only attend the last one of them, but YAY it wasn’t the last one after all. WHOO. er. end fangirlism.

  • jorge

    Sweet, I don’t feel so dumb for skipping this year in lieu of next year.

  • Bastien

    It’s not the last one because I wasn’t there to tell you to stop. Sucka!

  • Udo

    Very cool.

    One question: Will there be videos of all the Lugradio Live UK 2008 talks? ( Like there were for the US variant ) I couldn’t attend (money, distance, life) and would really love to get good videos like for LRL US 2008.

  • Leon Stringer

    LRL is special. It’s surely the UK’s premier FOSS event but, more importantly, it’s community-centric. You (and Aq and Sweet and Chris and your army of yellow T-shirted volunteers) deserve fulsome praise for yet another informative, friendly, well-run and thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Here’s to ’09, I hope you guys get as much of a kick out of it as I know I will.

  • Jimbo

    You went to a Starbucks?

  • Dorian

    Woohoo! Now all I need to do is make the right travel plans. :)

  • Sean Ellis


    Thanks for that, I thought that I had missed out on LRL forever, having foolishly prioritised my son’s birthday party and a theatre trip (Lazytown Live instead of LugRadio Live?) above LRL 2008.

    I guess it’s far too early to ask for dates, times, venue, etc…

  • Sheila

    Is it still too early to ask for dates, times, venues, etc?