Severed Fifth Licensing

You know what? I hate licensing. Sure, it is a necessary evil, but I prefer to spend my time on doing things as opposed to licensing things.

Despite this, licensing is a key element of Severed Fifth and I went through quite a mental journey to finalise the choice of the Creative Commons Sampling Plus license. I wrote up a short essay on this which you can read here.

Also, a few other Severed Fifth tidbits:

  • The second sneak peek of the album is available. :)
  • Thanks to Brad Nelson who is going to be getting the Severed Fifth Facebook Group in shape.
  • The first official Severed Fifth t-shirt is ready and I will be opening the store soon.

Lots more is going on on…more details soon.

  • blah

    Sampling plus is not really Free, according to DFSG and FSF. That sucks. Bad choice.

  • Luis

    Also deprecated by CC, mostly for proliferation reasons but partially for the FSF/DFSG reasons as well.

  • Mike Linksvayer

    Luis, actually only plain sampling, not sampling+, was deprecated by CC, see

    Though I’d like to eventually deprecate sampling+ too. :) Will probably post a longer comment on the Severed Fifth post.