Keynoting OhioLinuxFest

I am pleased to announce that I will be keynoting at the Ohio LinuxFest. I have heard great things about the show, and never been there before, so I look forward to seeing everyone there.

The talk will be brand new, and I am just solidifying a bunch of ideas around it right now – I will be announcing the topic of the talk in the coming weeks.

Look forward to seeing those of you who are going in Ohio. :)

  • Chris Teodorski

    So — I typically go to Ohio Linuxfest and I was planning on skipping this year. Now I can’t…

  • Mackenzie

    See ya there, Jono! Dan Chen and I will be heading up together…can’t wait to see the list of other talks that get accepted.

  • jono

    Chris – Mackenzie – see you there. :)

  • Pat from TLLTS

    Jono, TLLTS will be at OLF again this year. Looking forward to finally meeting you in person. We’re planning on doing a live audio stream. Hopefully you can join us for a bit.


  • Nivex

    Thanks to Ubuntu, both of my parents run Linux. I am so looking forward to OLF! See y’all there… and make sure you stick around for the after party :)