Arf. Arf.

419 Eater always amuses me – it is a website scam-baiters follow through with those Nigerian scam emails. Today though I read a case where someone manages to persuade the scammer to tattoo Baited By Shiver on his leg.

Read it here.

Comedy. :)

  • nucco

    Mark me up as one shamed and offended Nigerian. I don’t know which of the two feelings is stronger. It’s really quite disturbing the way folks brandish “Nigerian Scam” letters. There are honest folks out here too, but let me quit, before I make this rant any longer than it already is.

  • BostonPeng

    I love it! I bet that guy is still waiting for his check from the church. 😆

  • Vadim P.

    @nucco: I don’t think any offense at Nigerians was intended at all. Against scammers, yes :)

  • MZ

    The sad part is that that’s probably not the scammer, but rather some dupe that the scammer paid to get the tattoo. It is unlikely that they ever use their real names or photos.

  • Leo S

    That is really not cool or funny. Strange how someone would have so little to do that they can waste all this time humiliating someone they don’t know. Sure, scammers are annoying, but they’re probably just trying to eke out an existence, contracted out by someone bigger. Messing with them is not solving anything, and people should remember that they are still human.

    Spam filters exist for a reason. Filter it out, and spend half a second deleting the one that gets through.

  • D Q

    Yes I received an e-mail from an african scammer and I played with him/her/it, since I traced the ip address to south africa. Nonetheless, I was suppose to “Western Union” them $100.00 for a better internet conection, I told them the nearest “Western Union” was a 100 miles away and since the price of gas was so high, I told them they would have to wait a week or 2. They honestly did send me $20.00 in a brand new bill to help pay for gas. Did I send them the money,,,,LOL…no