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On Potential

Regulars of this ‘ere blog will be familiar with my abundant love of all things community. In fact, this has been a long running joke in the LugRadio world where I am accused of saying community way too often. Guilty as charged, m’lud. To this end, the always tiny and affable Gerv Markham sat in […]

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Ubuntu Global Bug Jam and the value of face-to-face time

Well, this weekend the Global Ubuntu Bugjam kicks off, with Bug Jams happening all around the world including Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Perú, Puerto Rico, California, Chicago, Michigan, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Portland, Seattle, Venezuela, India, Thailand, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. I am hugely proud of everyone involved in organising their local bug jams as […]

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Vacancy. Apply Within.

I am a lucky boy. Well, I am a lucky boy for many, many reasons, but the particularly lucky-ness I am referring to today is that I have a wicked-cool set of peeps on my team at Canonical. Regular readers of this blog will have heard me mention the other horsemen – Daniel Holbach who […]

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Avoiding Burn Out

Well, after all of the theory and contemplation of how to resolve burnout in companies, teams and communities, it seems that one link has the complete solution. Ahhhh…

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Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase is born!

DIGG THIS STORY! I am really excited to announce the very first Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase! For a long time now we have been shipping a package called example-content with each release of Ubuntu. This package provides a bunch of different pieces of content including audio, video, PDFs, documents and more. The idea is […]

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Street Team Community Middle Ground

Recently I have been taking my new talk around various conferences. Entitled Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Coming Of The Linux Desktop, it discusses the different elements involved in desktop success and us achieving the so called year of the Linux desktop. At one point in the presentation I talk about how it […]

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