No, Malmsteen. No!

Wow, Yngwie Malmsteen, notable guitar virtuoso, who I have been a fan of for years has just announced the cover for his new album Perpetual Flame:

Oh dear. That is very bad indeed.

Notable reaction from the album-buying public includes

  • Wow that’s bad…the chest hair and…
  • The Hoff called and wants his chest hair back.
  • That’s gotta be fake…my 12 yr old niece could make a better cover than that in Photoshop.
  • Big hairy chested playful bear seeks boy toy for long walks on the beach, cooking tofu, and long sensual massages; are you the one I’ve been looking for?
  • Why not call it ‘Donut Magnetic’
  • Do you really need your nipple on there, Yngwie?
  • Jan Schmidt

    I like his “Oh look, my hand’s on fire! Golly that hurts!” face.

  • Stephane

    I am an early Malmsteen’s fan. I must admit this is really eighties flagged… i have also to admit that cd cover is not Yngwie’s best capacity.. (look at Fire&Ice cover… we have the same idea… burning hand and all the stuff) The face is hilarious, but for me he says “ooohh baby, i’m burning hot” 😀

  • Richard Querin

    I’d know that facial expression anywhere! It’s “blue steel” from Zoolander. (

  • Jerome Gotangco

    hahaha it reminds me of his previous album covers some things never change lol

  • Chris Sherlock

    “Donut Magnetic” – awesome.

  • Chris Sherlock

    While this cover is good, you should check out this one:

    Flaming guitar takes down Tolkienesque hydra. Can’t get much better than that!

  • Karamiekos

    I’m a Malmsteen fan too, but this is just hilarious. Please tell me that is a joke, and someone photoshopped that.

  • wicks

    It should be called:

    “Yngwie: I ate too much pizza, now I need photoshopping for album covers”

  • SlimeyPete

    Perhaps he’s angling for a place in the Spinal Tap lineup…

  • Joe Shaw

    Nice try, Bacon, but your cover’s blown.

    Looking at the face on that guy and looking at your Planet GNOME hackergotchi it’s obvious: you are Yngwie Malmsteen. Throw a wig on your head and on your chest and that’s you.

  • anmar

    Dude. This is awesome… It would be Yngwie if it didn’t look like that. For me I am cool withit. At least he is keeping the spirit of hair bands a live.


  • H

    Outrageous! All his other album covers have been so restrained over the years, at least as tasteful and subtle as his “By my sword you will die!” lyrics… I’m convinced he’s just taking it further because none of you got the joke the first time…

  • priest

    what the hell is wrong with you guys?’t you suuposed to be his fans?..if you don’t like the cover or make fun of it so just get the F*** out of here and stop posting your stupid comments,i bet you all are such losers potato couches and you dont do anythin except these shitty comments..get a life

  • Coookie

    I agree priest. We’re supposed to be his fans. And are you guys that pathetic to attack his weight? O.k. I’ll admit its not the best cover but does the cover have anything to do with the music its self? No. Bottom line Malmsteen has more talent then all you guys put together. And if you have been a fan of him you wouldn’t be surprised with the cover, if have been to Malmsteen shows the pouty face and chest hair should come as no surprise.

  • x japan


    he had a song in fire and ice album named Perpetual:shock:

  • Drunky

    What a wanker. He keeps sucking in his cheeks.

  • fatboy1

    you dummies, the new album cover is a painting ( not a photoshop pin up)