The Jaunty Jackalope

I am really happy to see Mark’s announcement of the codename for the 9.04 version of Ubuntu – the Jaunty Jackalope.

I am really excited for the new challenges and opportunities we will be facing with Jaunty. Ubuntu is stepping up to the plate in a number of areas – the desktop, the server and importantly, the hugely exciting mobile space. And, being the community guy, what makes me most proud is that the core ideals and importance of the Ubuntu community remain as uniformly critical to Ubuntu as they have since day one. The sheer, gritted determination of our community is simply breathtaking, and this is going to be no different for Jaunty.

Now is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in the Ubuntu story, and every single one of us can help to make that story memorable. Bring it on!

  • eliot.frost

    Man, I was hoping for Jovial Jabberwock. Ah well.

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  • roger clark

    jesus christ this is a horrible name

  • Alan

    @roger not to worry, just call it Ubuntu 9.04, the code names are just a bit of fun and something users shouldn’t need to know about.

  • FreezingPete

    Great news! I think the name is catchy – hopefully it exceeds expectations otherwise it’ll be catchy in the wrong kinda way! :/