Seven Years Ago

Never going to forget. Never.

  • you want truth

    Yeah, you’re right, we won’t forget anymore.

    Never forget the government killed people for oil.

    This is the truth.

    But, most of you won’t believe about a conspiracy, but it’s what happened.

    Take your time please, and have a look at this website

    and theses 2 vidéos.

    And please, stop believe the government without proves.

    Trust me, they don’t care about us, we’re only workers and money for them.

  • jono

    To be honest – I don’t care as much about causes, as about people losing their lives. I remember today for the fact that so many people died – the reasons, the theories, the causes can be debated by people who know more about the subject than me.

  • martin f. krafft

    At least that many people die every day in the Middle East, Russia, Africa, Asia, and other places oppressed by the US, or not supported by the Freedom Police (for lack of oil?). But surely, those are less worth than New Yorkers.

  • you want truth

    You’re right jono.

    And I should do the same thing than you, because to be honest I don’t know anything more than you.

    But, to be honest, I’ll never trust a plane crashed in pentagon (every one can see it, don’t need to be an expert), so if the government lied for this, for what other things they lied.

    But, that’s not the subject.

    I’m so sad for people who died 7 years ago, and their family, but please don’t take a stupid revenge against all other contries without reasons to do that.

  • Cypher

    If you wanna blame someone for those lost lifes… blame the US administration… the way the USA behave regarding the rest of the world will always cause backfire.

  • Aitor

    More people are dying from hunger each and every day.

    We should lament daily; not only on 9-11

  • jono

    For goodness sake people, all I am saying in this blog entry is that I remember 9/11 closely, It had quite an impact on me, and I remember it every year and I will never forget. I am not saying that we should not remember other atrocities, and I am not suggesting that people don’t die all around the world in similar, greater or equal numbers – all I am saying is that I am marking today with my respects.

    Oh, and madduck, don’t even dare to insinuate that I see non New Yorkers as “less worth” – I find that incredibly offensive.

  • bilbo

    I think you got the link wrong, it’s this in fact

    It’s a conspiracy to make people believe Catalunya isn’t a nation !

  • Nacho de los Rios

    Did you also remember March 11th and July 7th?

  • Kevin

    Thanks, Jono, for the remembrance. The entirety of the world is a darker place for what happened that day.

    Let us put our activism and politics aside for one day and remember what happened, and how the entire world pulled together, even if just for one day, and just to hurt. I certainly do not walk in political lock-step with the US, but to to belch such bile and vitriol today is to spit upon the graves of those who are no longer here because of the events that happened.

  • Sam Hocevar

    Didn’t you mean Thirty-Five Years Ago? I won’t forget either.

  • Cypher

    The entirety of the world is a darker place for what happened that day.

    Hu ? The world isn’t darker than before, it hasn’t changed… You’ve just realized how real it was, and that you were part of it, not above it…

  • Captain Donald

    Ah, what the American administration will do for their dreams. If anything it shows that they truly want their dreams and will do anything to get them.

    Achieving this goal would require four things. One of these was getting control of the world’s oil, especially in Central Asia and the Middle East, and the Bush-Cheney administration came to power with plans already made to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. A second requirement was a technological transformation of the military, in which fighting from space would become central. A third requirement was an enormous increase in military spending, to pay for these new wars and for weaponizing space. A fourth need was to modify the doctrine of preemptive attack, so that America would be able to attack other countries even if they posed no imminent threat. These four elements would, moreover, require a fifth: an event that would make the American people ready to accept these imperialistic policies.

    That, my friends, is 11/9 (or 9/11 to the Americans)

  • zander

    Hey Jono,

    I think you do a “Never Forget” post on your blog every year, and I really appreciate it. More than 3000 people died that day. They were people from all over the world, from all walks of life. Hundreds of firefighters, paramedics, and ordinary citizens rushed into those buildings to try and save the lives of people they didn’t know – and died themselves in the attempt.

    I will certainly never forget.

  • Maria

    ……………. Never going to forget………….. A day like today USA attack and kill the Brave President Salvador Allende and his people in Chile, 1973, and support the Dictatorial goverment of Pinochet, who kill, disappear and torture, a thounsand of people, men, women, and kids…. even now, we can’t know exactly who many people die in all those years of Pichonet’s goverment, and all this support by USA. All, because he : Salvador Allende, wants a Socialist country, a peaceful country, a more just society..

    Thanks USA….. we’ll NEVER FORGET

  • sharms

    You guys must be half retarded. He said it affected him. There is this thing we call life, and each persons life is formed by events that happen to that person. It so happens that this event affected him. This shapes his perspective.

    That in no way means any other events are less relevant or catastrophic, but there may be others who they affected greater and those individuals I am sure will post about them.

  • Gareth J. Greenaway

    As someone who had taken the very same flights that were crashed into the twin towers only months before hand, September 11th always gives me the “That could have been me..” chills. Do I suspect that there was more to it than what we’ve been told? Yes. Partly. Is that more important than the many lives that were lost throughout that day? Absolutely not. Yes there are many atrocities that happen around the world on a daily basis, those atrocities need to be brought forward, remembered, but no less or no more than 9/11. The world WAS a darker day for many people after that day and still is, its all on your perception of it.

  • rawsausage

    You better not forget, being assholes enough to actually drive some people be hurt and desperate enough to resort into such tactics. How horrible you must have been to some people… And still are :-(

  • martin f. krafft

    Sorry, jono. I didn’t want this to be personal. I am sorry to hear if this event had quite an impact on you.

    I get upset when the world unites each and every year on 11 September to mourn, but very few see the need to highlight anniversaries for other things, such as beginnings of wars or other much more horrible events. Given the thousands of posts similar to yours that went up or will go up today, I should post five times a day on every day of the year mourning the innocent lives lost in other parts of the world, where the media are less interested.

  • laacque

    So, why all the anger about this blog of Jono? It’s just not fair and doesn’t show much respect for his feelings on this day. I remember this day as a very dark day. A day I was shocked by all the agression. It made me realize people are seldom this agressive for no reason. Everywhere around the world people can be very bad, governments can do the most cruel things you can imagine. At the same time, also on 9/11, you can see heroes. People who refuse to act like animals, people who care for people. 9/11 is a sad day to remember. I remember the ugly, the bad and the good.

  • Ryan

    It vexes me tremendously when someone posts one of these “we will never forget things” and all the loonies jump and pounce on him/her, because clearly the US [or Administration] is evil, deserved it, had it coming. Grow up. For Americans, 9/11 is probably the defining moment of this generation, much as December 7th holds similar importance to previous generations.

  • Brandon

    I’m sorry but this is just too much hypocrisy for me.

    Someone states that they will always remember 9/11 because of how it changed them and the world, and yet people start spouting political rhetoric about how nothing changed and what he actually was realizing was that he isn’t above it all.

    At the same time, you look at any other incident that happened where many people lost their lives… Would you accuse them of thinking they were above everyone else if they lamented on that day’s anniversary?

    It aggravates me that such people exists, where they are so focused on politics and what-ifs that they become blind to human decency. Let him mourn a day that affected both him and his country and find somewhere else to troll.

  • sad_days

    Try to not forget those:

    August 6 and 9, 1945. 70,000 killed by your country in a couple of seconds. 70,000

  • Gabe

    “Never going to forget. Never.”

    Indeed. It’s my wife’s birthday, and I’d be a dead man.

  • SanityRevisited

    Maybe it’s time you do forget. Just like it is not healthy to grieve the passing of a loved one forever it is also not wise to keep picking at the scabs of a wound that should heal.

    Forgetting is not forgiving, it’s a natural part of the healing process.

  • imbrandon

    Thanks Jono for this post, and the remembrance . My world view became a much bleeker place on this day.

  • Scared-of-the-FBI

    I assume you are talking about 9/11 the date America overtrow the democratically elected governmetn in Chile?

    Or are you talking about millions of innocent people they murdered in Iraq?

    9/11 new york was the murdering of 2,000 innocent people. But there are more innocent people being murdered every fucking day by the american regime or regime’s they put it place.

    I don’t see how those victim’s are that much more special than the people in iraq or afghanistan?

    Somehow I doubt you’ll bother to blogpost about their faith. I guess, if people aren’t american they are less people?

    Or am I completely wrong and will you just provide links to where you ‘remembered’ all those other people suffered BECAUSE of americans? Today… yesterday .. throughout history..

    NO violence is EVER justified. No american deserved that.

    But they do deserve my FINGER when they have the guts to bring up 9/11 .. and use it to turn out cultures into cultures of fear and hate. The real victims of 9/11 fell not on that day, and not in that place.. and most of them are not american..


  • joshp

    Thank you for this. I walk around all day on 9-11, and there is nothing. No memorial, no ceremony, no rememberance…whatever, and I feel pretty isolated. The kids that are new on campus were 11 when that happened, the same age as my daughter now. Makes me go..WTF?? Will this be forgotten, pushed to the side? I think, am I the only one haunted by this today?

    Thanks Jono

  • Rodrigo

    Not going to forget ( Either.

  • David

    Thanks for the Remembrance Jono. I remember watching tv and seeing the second plane hit. I will never forget. Ever.

    9/11 reminded me that the world was not as safe as we assumed. It reminded me that there are people out there who with to do me extreme harm because I don’t bow to Mecca 5 times a day. I will never forget the stories of people rushing into those buildings, pulling people out at the risk (and cost) of their own lives. I will never forget hearing the story of the passengers who rushed the cockpit, sacrificing their own lives to prevent another plane from crashing into a building. I will tell my kids how naive we were, how we stupidly believed that the world was safe because the soviets were gone.

    Look at history. The history that we conveniently forget. Western Civilization has been fighting extremest Islam since right after Mohamed died. Are we really surprised? Really? I will never forget that there are people out there that want to do me harm, that want to make me a Muslim at the point of a gun. I will never forget that 9/11/01 was the day that America woke up and decided to take a stand against those homicidal maniacs.

  • Jad

    Indeed it was one of the hardest days on human beings and it’s definitely a reason for humans to work together to avoid witnessing such thing again.

  • Scared-of-the-FBI

    The world WAS a darker day for many people after that day and still is

    About 3% of the world population knows what 9/11 even is. The other 97% is too busy dying.

  • Scared-of-the-FBI

    It reminded me that there are people out there who with to do me extreme harm because I don’t bow to Mecca 5 times a day.

    Actually, they wanted to do your harm because you tax moneys were used for decades to repress people in Saudi-Arabia, Palenstine, Iraq (it was the US that put Saddam there).

    How would you feel if Muslim soldiers were stationed in the US. How would you feel if a brutal dictator got its guns for oil from some muslim country.

    Would you bite the hand that feeds the devil?

    Because that is what they did at 9/11 ..

  • Scared-of-the-FBI


    will never forget that there are people out there that want to do me harm, that want to make me a Muslim at the point of a gun.

    It was never about that for Al Quida. How badly informed are you? They have one single demand: No american soldiers in the middle east, no american puppet dictators. They want to be just as free as americans are .. but they can’t be .. BECAUSE of america.

    They consider themselves freedom fighters. Rebellions.

    Nobody should condone their methods.

    But don’t act like this is all happening ‘to america’. You can just remove your soldiers and stop supporting puppet dictators, you know. Practise the sort of freedom that you preach?

    It is that easy to be safe….

    and your anti-muslim hatred just makes you sound like a rascist.. This is not a muslim thing! Yes, they are muslim; the american soldiers are christian..

    Are they killing iraqi people because they want to turn them into christians? Or are they just using faith as something to get strength from? Do you think it’s any different from rebel fighters from the Middle East?

  • beerfan

    Way to keep the hate alive. Congratulations.

  • Ben Collins

    Jono, big ups from me.

    To the haters, you have to remember that every country that has been around for any length of time has suffered AND committed atrocities. Anyone here claiming their country of origin has done no wrong are pretty oblivious. You also have to remember that the people that died in the 9/11 attacks didn’t commit those atrocities you are claiming. They probably don’t even know they happened and maybe weren’t even alive when they did happen.

    And don’t say things like “get rid of your government” because everyone knows it ain’t that easy.

  • sortiz

    hope you never get alzheimer then.

  • Imran Chaudhry


    I was motivated to respond to your simplistic views. Do you get your world view from the Sun or Fox News? As mentioned by another person above, the people behind 9/11 do not want to convert you by holding a gun to your head, they principally want an end to US influence in the Arabian peninsula. You talk about this being the day that “America took a stand”, ironically from the Al-Qaeda side thats exactly what they did except they do not have F-22 Raptors and tanks – they have to resort to other methods.

    For a quality read about the historical context of this subject up to the modern day I recommend “The Clash of Fundamentalisms” by Tariq Ali. I really hope you do as it would be sad to see your narrow views propagated even further. 9/11 changed my life too – as a Muslim I suddenly felt very concious of an unfair negative image of my community and associated stories of discrimination in all spheres of life.

    Incidentally, I admire America – I really do. Their philanthropy, their success in business, technology, culture and sport. It is just the current batch of leaders are a bit of letdown. I think the American constitution is an inspiring foundation to build a country on.