29 Today

Today I turned 29 years old. Wow.

Last night Horseman Holbach flew in from Berlin and we blew the foam off a few cold ones and eventually got submerged into a surprisingly fun bunch of people from The Courier Awards. No, not the font, the package delivery people. I know, I never imagined they had upmarket awards ceremonies in hotels either. Tonight it is out with folks from work for tapas and drinks. :)

Also, thanks to those of you on Facebook who have already posted some messages. That was really nice to wake up too. :)

  • http://www.understated.co.uk Matthew Revell

    Happy birthday mate. 30’s really not as scary as sounds…

  • Dean Evans

    Congrats from down under on 29 mate. The 30’s are the best time.

  • http://tomcat.ranta.info Sebastian

    Happy Birthday, Jono. May You live long and prosper. :)

  • http://www.ubunite.com Brady

    Dood. Your old. Come see me when you join the 30 club. Happy Birthday mang. 😛

  • http://alex.eftimie.ro/ Alex Eftimie

    Happy Birthday, and best wishes!

  • illovae

    Happy birthday to you :)

  • http://www.lorentz.leidenuniv.nl Roland

    Happy birthday!


  • http://www.emmajane.net emmajane

    Hurrah! Happy birthday! Try to be not at all productive today. That’s not what birthdays are for. :)

  • http://www.techtemple.org Gianluca Varisco


    Happy birthday!

  • William Thresher

    Happy Birthday Jono!

  • http://xander21c.wordpress.com xander21c

    Happy Birthday, an make then a hundred more :)

  • http://amachu.wordpress.com amachu

    and am younger than you! :-)

    Happy birthday Jono! Enjoy :-)

  • http://leogg.wordpress.com/ leogg

    Happy birthday, mate! Tonight, we’ll have some beers in your honor! 😛

  • http://www.cesarolea.com Cesar

    Cool mate! you were born the same day the first version of the Linux kernel was posted on the net… so in a sense, both were born the same day! But Linux is just 17

  • Zenwalker

    Hello Jono,

    Happy bday bro.

    Your very amazing icon in the FOSS world. Your work is truly awesome. Keep it up and thanks a million.

  • Ryan

    Hey Jono, Happy belated birthday.

    Are we going to see you at Ohio Linux Fest?

  • http://www.linuxuk.org Jamie Bennett

    Hey, sitting in front of you at lugradio live I could of sworn you were older than me (either you’ve had an easy life or I’ve I’d a hard life and I suspect the latter). . Good luck. I turned 30 this year and it’s not so bad, really!

  • http://www.opticalgarbage.com Imran Chaudhry

    Happy Birthday Jono! I hope you enjoy the day. Next year will be a real milestone as from 30 onwards you’re expected to act all grown up and stuff.

    So… plan something crazy for your 30th!