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Measuring Community

You know what, I love being a community manager. I love the challenges, I love the opportunities, and I love the diversity of application and work. There are of course some frustrating elements, and one of these frustrating elements is the pre-conceived perspectives that some people have about this kind of work, and to make […]

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Guess what folks? Horseman Holbach is at it again, this time showing you how to upgrade Ubuntu source packages: Can’t see him in all of his German glory? Click here. There is also an Ogg Theora version available. And…good news! Daniel and I are meeting in London to do more videos next week! Expect some […]

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Ubuntu 9.04 Developer Summit Sponsorship

DIGG THIS! The Ubuntu Developer Summit is one of the most central events in the Ubuntu calendar. It is there that we discuss, debate and design the next version of Ubuntu. It is an incredible experience, filled with smart and enthusiastic people, fast paced and exhausting, but incredibly gratifying to be part of the process […]

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Congratulations to the FSF for managing to get the legendary Stephen Fry to celebrate the anniversary of GNU. I am just somewhat surprised they decided to license it under a non-free license (Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States). Boot’s on the other foot now, eh?

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Two Years Going Strong

Two years ago today I came to work at Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager. When I started at Canonical, it was just me working with Mark to define my role and focus and to determine what I wanted to do to help grow and facilitate our stunning community. Since then I have become part […]

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Denied By Reign Release Date Announced

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Wow. Everyone loves Buzzword Bingo, but sometimes it gets a tad ridiculous. Back in July I got a gem via email. It started off with this zinger of an opener (identities censored to protect the innocent): Program Focuses On Helping The Open Source Ecosystem Grow Sustainable Businesses By Implementing A Community-Leveraged Model It then went […]

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Get Your Work Seen, Ubuntu Style

Just a quick reminder to all budding music and video artists that the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase closes for submissions on Thursday 4th Sep – get your entries in there now to have your work seen by literally millions of Ubuntu users.

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