Severed Fifth Sneak Peeks 1 + 2

Alright, get your seatbelts on, your engines running and get ready for a couple of sneak peeks of the final songs of the debut Severed Fifth album Denied By Reign. Grab them from below:

This week I will be releasing two sneak peeks from Denied By Reign every day. Stay tuned for more! I will also be releasing additional promotional content and features.

Denied By Reign is released on Oct 21st from and the entire album will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license with expressed aim of seeing how far an independent musician such as myself can push and promote an album under the new music economy of free culture. My aims are to help answer some of the questions that are unknown about the viability of a free culture music economy. For more details on the aims of the project, see the announcement.

Severed Fifth needs your help to be successful! Go and join our Discussion Forums and join the Street Team. We will need your help when the album is released to push it as far and wide as possible and just see how much juice we can squeeze out of a free culture album. If you have contacts in the music press, or you know established artists who may be interested in hearing it, do get in touch with me. I am preparing a press pack for the album which we can all send out when the album is released. Oh, and for you Facebook fanatics – go and join the Severed Fifth Facebook Group.

I just want to thank everyone for their support of the album and the project. Thanks also to the Creative Commons for their continued support. :)

  • Gryc Ueusp

    You definitely have the quality to go far, and I’m ecstatic that you’ve chosen the license you did.

  • John L. Clark

    Dude, those sound GREAT. I cannot WAIT for the full album release in a week. I note on the band’s website that you aren’t doing any live stuff at the moment, but I hope that changes. I’m astonished that that’s all done by you, but I suppose that would make live performances challenging.

  • Mean-Machine

    Sounds very good Jono. Can’t wait to listen to the whole album.

    Can I hear some Vader influence? 😈 (maybe it’s just me) :roll:

  • Phil

    Jono, I am delighted–DELIGHTED–that you’ve gone to BY-SA instead of the Sampling license you were considering before.

    You’re my hero. <3