• adel


  • gmb

    Full of win.

  • joe

    your next post will be even better… 1337

  • Félim Whiteley
    1. Causing awe; appalling; awful; as, an awesome sight.

    2. Expressive of awe or terror.

    Methinks you forgot to post the link/vid/whatever 😕

  • Mackenzie

    Félim: I believe he’s teasing Jorge.

  • jono

    Mackenzie – me? Would I?

  • ethana2

    Less is more, as they say.

  • Jacob Peddicord


  • Adriano

    ethana2: then nothing is most? all?

  • bilbo

    Is this going to start a spree of one word blogging ? Will this kill twitter ? Shall we call it … oner ? /me feels a multi-trillion-business starting up.

  • mmc

    Welcome to Web 3.0!

  • levelnext


  • whoknow

    I like better

  • Robbo


  • Tristan


    Can we get any background on this inside joke? Come on, the community wants to have fun too!


  • Jim

    If I remember correctly, (most all the people that were there were traumatized and are now coping from enduring visions of Dann’s arse by utilizing memory impairment).., Jono was keynoting at Ohio Linux Fest and he mentioned to the crowd that a certain individual at the Fest, I don’t remember who, was a bit over-fond of the term that weekend… and from then, it was on… It became the crowds’ cat-calling term of endearment by the end of his talk… Just in fun… I think that’s really all there is to it. — Probably just a shout out to Ohio..

  • Mackenzie

    @Jim: As I said above, the individual was Jono’s coworker, Jorge Castro.