Frets On Fire Transcribers Wanted!

One thing I am really keen to do as part of the release of Denied By Reign is to have the songs available for Frets On Fire; the excellent Open Source Guitar Hero clone. I would love to have these available for release if at all possible.

So, I am looking for some volutneers who would like to help transcribe the album to Frets On Fire ready for release. I know this is a lot to ask with a week to go before the release, but if anyone wants to do it, I will send you the full album and you can work on it. You will also recieve an unholy amount of gratification and respect from me and others in the Severed Fifth community. Surely that is worth it in itself? 😛 Rock on! :)

Any takers? If you can help – email me at jono –AT– severedfifth –DOT– com – thanks!

  • Ryan

    I’m unimpressed with your valuation of the work it takes to create that stuff. Clearly you have something to gain by having those Frets on Fire transcriptions: why not share the spoils and offer your prospective helper some compensation for his or her time?

  • jono

    Ryan – what spoils? All the music is free…

  • Stoffe

    Please prospective transcribers, if you do this – and I hope you do – make some playable transcriptions as well. The big (huge) problem with Frets is that almost all songs seem to be transcribed to super-double-plus-mega-expert. Only. I assume that this is probably what is fun to do when creating the tracks, but it makes Frets pretty much unplayable, especially to people who doesn’t grind it around the clock.

    That’s a general call to any Frets transcribers, btw. :)

  • Dennis Fisher

    May be a good idea to ask over on the forums at

    I know there are other FoF communities, but that one struck me as particularly large and helpful. And Jono, if you’re a FoF player you owe it to yourself to look for the Metroid Metal album in Tune Postings, and if you’re willing to delve into copyrighted work (because maybe you already own the album or something), The Dethalbum.

  • Nuc134rB0t

    Stoffe – you are right, im a fan of FOF and there are so many songs which need a lot of practicing to be playable and yes, the fun is on playing the hardest song, but if you dont count on much time to waste then you should try other songs and not the Speed Metal ones hehe

    on the other hand i would really like to transcribe the songs but i know i wont have enough time to do it PLUS i am not the responsible :)

  • Ryan

    Jono – does that mean you intend never to profit from your work here? The music may be free to download, but certainly you will reap benefits if you ever play gigs, sell merchandise, plug advertisers, write a book about the experience, or accept donations. Even if you don’t accept any of those things, this project makes you a more desirable speaker at Free Software and Free Culture conferences, thus increasing your earning potential.

    Do you really contend that there are no spoils? I thought you knew better.

  • jono

    Ryan – I mean that there are no spoils at the moment. In the future I hope to raise enough money to fund tours and cover merch etc, but right now I can’t pay someone to do this work – in the future if there is money, sure I would be more than happy to pay. :)

  • Dennis Fisher

    You know, if this pans out, it might neat to get them packaged up for Jaunty. In Intrepid there’s a package called “fretsonfire-songs-sectoid”, just imagine, “fretsonfire-songs-severedfifth” or “fretsonfire-songs-denied”.

    Also, didn’t realize those forums had been read-only when I posted recommending them–I only check them about once a week or so. 😐

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  • Scott Ritchie

    How about a Stepmania stepfile so I can dance alongside it?