Severed Fifth IRC Channel

Quick FYI, I have registrered #severedfifth on for IRC fanatics. Obviously, I will be there for the release of the album tomorrow. :)

  • Annoyed Person

    Please ensure this doesn’t make it into the ubuntu planet. I have absolutely no interest in this, and it isn’t associated with ubuntu.

  • ethana2

    If I understand correctly, the planets are for more than strictly ubuntu, gnome, or kde– they include general things going on in the lives of key members of the community..

    It seems, however, that people would like feeds that do not. I might be said to fall into that category myself.

  • sharms

    “Annoyed Person” – I read Severed Fifth blog posts to read about Severed Fifth. Please make sure in the future your comments don’t make it into these posts. I have absolutely no interest in them.

  • Unique Irish Gifts

    Good luck with the release Jono!