I just want to spend a few minutes sharing a wonderful story that Stani Michiels emailed me about earlier and which he blogged about here.

Stani entered a competition in Holland to design a commemorative coin and produced an absolutely astonishingly beautiful entry, and one with aesthetics, class, metaphor and meaning. This in itself is incredible, but the whole shebang was achieved using Free Software and all running on Ubuntu.

See, you can make money with Open Source. :)

Folks, head over to Stani’s blog and tell him how cool he is. :)

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  • Maxo

    This guy clear understands free software, great design and knows how to mix the two to produce a great product. Canonical should hire this guy. He’ll finally be able to GPL his work.

  • SW

    Yuck. It’s a horrid looking coin, but kudos on the open source thing.