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Denied By Reign Sneak Peeks 7 + 8

Another two sneak peeks from Denied By Reign building on the three previous days: Sneak Peek 7 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 8 – Ogg MP3 Today I want to highlight two rather cool quotes that have come in from some pretty notable people about Severed Fifth. First, I blogged about this yesterday, but Zak […]

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New MOTU Vid

I am pleased to announce a new addition to the rippingly cool Ubuntu Developer Channel. This time Horseman Holbach is answering some common MOTU questions: Can’t see it? Click here 922 subscribers on YouTube, can’t be wrong. Go and check the content out.

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Zak Tell Of Clawfinger On Severed Fifth

One person who has picked up on the Severed Fifth train is Zak Tell, singer for rap-metal legends Clawfinger. Speaking about the project he said: “Hi Jono, nice idea man & good announcement, it’s probably going to be the only way to do it in the near future unless someone comes up with a genius […]

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Denied By Reign Sneak Peeks 5 + 6

Two more sneak peeks for your delectation, building on two previous days: Sneak Peek 5 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 6 – Ogg MP3 I also want to say a big thanks to Matt Asay’s coverage of Severed Fifth on CNET. Thanks Matt! Big thanks also to Ryan Busch who is going out and about […]

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Frets On Fire Transcribers Wanted!

One thing I am really keen to do as part of the release of Denied By Reign is to have the songs available for Frets On Fire; the excellent Open Source Guitar Hero clone. I would love to have these available for release if at all possible. So, I am looking for some volutneers who […]

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Severed Fifth Sneak Peeks 3 + 4

Continuing the week of Denied By Reign sneak peeks, I have two more for you: Sneak Peek 3 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 4 – Ogg MP3 I am also proud to introduce the front and back covers of the album, and these images will be provided in large enough resolution to be printed at […]

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Terrible News

Blaze Bayley, former Iron Maiden singer and frontman of his own band Blaze recently had his wife Debbie pass away. While talking asbout this terrible news I found the following one of the saddest things I have ever read: “Just as things really seemed to be going our way, Debbie suffered a second huge brain […]

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Ohio Linuxfest = Great

In my talk I asked how many people use Ubuntu. This was the result. Wow. A few days ago I headed to Columbus, Ohio to take part in Ohio Linuxfest. I was there to provide the closing keynote – a new presentation that I have been thinking a lot about recently called Building Belonging. OLF […]

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Severed Fifth Sneak Peeks 1 + 2

Alright, get your seatbelts on, your engines running and get ready for a couple of sneak peeks of the final songs of the debut Severed Fifth album Denied By Reign. Grab them from below: Sneak Peek 1 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 2 – Ogg MP3 This week I will be releasing two sneak peeks […]

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