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Money. Stability?

Something struck me yesterday, while Firefox 3 was throwing a hissy fit. Is there some kind of correlation between the amount of money invested in a project or product and instability? I know this sounds like a bit of a negative question, and I don’t mean to rag on the Firefox folks, but it seems […]

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Housekeeping Improvements

Just a few quick housekeeping notes. Firstly, I have added a little sidebar section that displays those rock and roll readers who have posted the most comments. The ranking is over the last year. Our Top 10 is currently: Vadim P. (19) Adam Williamson (15) ethana2 (13) mrben (10) Tom Mann (10) Wolfger (9) […]

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The Flow Of Ideas

I have been thinking a lot recently about the flow of ideas in and around Open Source projects. A few days ago I asked for feedback about how we can better structure interaction ideas. The blog entry gathered some great feedback: thanks to everyone who contributed. With this work I am keen to understand the […]

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Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase II: This Time Its Personal

DIGG!! I am epically excited to announce our second Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase this time for the Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope release! The Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase is an opportunity to bring the best of two great worlds together by showing off high quality Free Culture content in Ubuntu. At the heart of Ubuntu’s ethos […]

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Desktop Shells, Usability and Trackers. Oh My.

A while back, I read with great interest Vincent’s blog entry. I also heard from my fellow Canonicalites about the progress made the GNOME hackfest. I am rather interested in the opportunities before us with the GNOME platform and a new approach to the shell, so when I read Owen’s update I may have actually […]

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Jokosher Interview recently did an interview with the legendary Laszlo Pandy who is one of the two lead developers of Jokosher. It is a great read. Go Laszlo! Jokosher has made some insanely great progress in recent months – it is solid, stable, and multi-channel recording is largely complete. I am hugely proud of everything Jokosher […]

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A question…

Knock knock?

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The Diversity Level

In the past I have talked quite a bit about diversity in this blog. Diversity is critical to the future development and growth of communities, and the strongest communities are ones with a strong sense of equality and diversity, and a governance infrastructure that supports and celebrates that diversity. Importantly, diversity is closely connected to […]

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Announcing The Ubuntu Hall Of Fame

“May the HOF be with you” – Obi-Wan Kenobi A few months back I met in London with Daniel Holbach, Graham Binns and James Westby for a short sprint. I had flown Daniel over for the purposes of a face-to-face catch-up and to record some MOTU videos for the Ubuntu Developer Channel. It was a […]

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Want To Be a Horse[wo]man?

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am still looking for a fourth horseman or horsewoman to join Daniel Holbach, Jorge Castro and I. The role involves reporting on the progress and growth of the Ubuntu translations community, growing and expanding the community, working with LoCo teams and working with upstream […]

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