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Happy New Year!

Wow. 2008 What a year it has been. It has been a year of change, opportunity, some sad goodbyes and some bright greetings. This year I have really leaned on my family and friends for support and every one of you came through. You know who you are, and I love you all. Here comes […]

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The Macy’s Gipsy King

I just wanted to share with you an interesting little story that happened to us the other day. A few days back my wife and I were in Macy’s in Union Square shopping. We were lined up to pay for a jacket when nature came knock knock knocking on my door. When I returned she […]

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Making LoCo Teams Rock

A few weeks ago at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Mountain View we had many interesting discussions around Ubuntu LoCo Teams. We have so much potential with our LoCo community, and much of the discussions were based around improving our current roster of teams and how they work together. Today we have 67 Approved and […]

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Website Updates

Today I flipped the switch on some changes I have made over the Christmas holiday to Hopefully these changes should make using the site much nicer. A few notes: I have installed a new theme. I still have some small CSS tweaks to make here and there, so do let me know what you […]

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The Ubuntu Ethos

I love working with the Ubuntu community. I love the opportunities, challenges and people that occupy it. Each day is filled with a diverse tapestry of challenges, be it growing new teams, refining governance, developing strategy, or simply chewing the fat with Ubuntu and upstream contributors from around the world. No day is ever the […]

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jb@home Rockstar Choices

A few weeks ago I wanted to thank the top three jonobacon@home comment posters at the time (Adam Williamson, Ethan Anderson and Vadim Peretokin) for their contributions to the site. I offered to buy them a DVD or CD. Well, I figured it would be interesting to show what they picked, although I am not […]

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Thunderbird 3 Beta

I decided recently to give a new mail client a whirl. Evolution, while an excellent client, appears to be a bit clunky with IMAP. I specifically have all of my mail go through GMail, and I access with IMAP. Evolution seems to be a bit slow when doing this. I had heard about the new […]

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UDS Killed The Radio Star

One of the most prominent new features of UDS Jaunty was our extensive use of video. Using eight cameras, a stack of SD cards, a bunch of tower machines encoding and an army of volunteers, we captured a significant chunk of UDS. Thanks to Chris Jones and James Troup for all their in getting the […]

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The Gritty World Of User Interface Exploration

No blogging for a week. Was this due to lazyness? No. Was this due to writers block? No. So what was the reason? Well obviously it was because of the grandiose duo of crime-fighting elegance that was FossCamp and the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Prepare for a series of blog entries about some of the discussions […]

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FossCamp. UDS. Winner.

What an exciting week of events ahead! Firstly, I will be attending FossCamp from the 5th – 6th December. There a variety of upstreams meet together in a number of free form sessions to discuss anything and everything about how we work together. Everyone is welcome, so if you can pop along to the Google […]

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